Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of Loki | Official Trailer

Witness the glory with the masters of mischief. Marvel Studios' “Assembled: The Making of Loki” is now streaming on Disney+.

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  • jasmine Smith
    jasmine Smith19 hours ago

    What is the scene at 0:46

  • Sayan Sutradhar
    Sayan SutradharDay ago

    Loki season 2 relase dates

  • Cak Wik
    Cak Wik2 days ago

    Loki kiss his other female version Tom: who said that??

  • Kuroneko Chan
    Kuroneko Chan3 days ago

    So glad they didn't wear masks during filming process 😆

  • archit dhir
    archit dhir4 days ago

    where we can watch this assembled the making of loki please tell

  • Sheela Ranjan
    Sheela Ranjan4 days ago

    My prediction for season two :- 1) Loki is going to meet Frigga... just like thor met odin 2) Loki is going to uncover all his powers. 3) Loki will not be in MoM because he is still in TVA. 4) Sylvie is not going to be in season two because Sophia di Martino didn't know about season two 5) Loki's outfit is going to change (the green coat we see)....

  • Avani Mittal
    Avani Mittal4 days ago

    This series 🔥🔥

  • GOL D
    GOL D5 days ago

    What a naughty little sausage!

  • West Fnm
    West Fnm5 days ago


  • Willow_Studios
    Willow_Studios5 days ago

    Can marvel just make a one hour loop video of Jonathan majors sitting in front of the fireplace in marvels assembled? It’s just the most wholesome thing ever.

  • Daffa Derbyansyah
    Daffa Derbyansyah6 days ago

    classic loki tha real MVP

  • rodney adams
    rodney adams6 days ago

    thor dark wold. seared coming march. see build new world out ashes of several worlds. if had make a religion that help save group people on very going extinct how would you do it?

  • upendrayt
    upendrayt6 days ago


  • Aryan gupta
    Aryan gupta6 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston voice is just 💖🔥🙏👏🙌

  • Eblobivec
    Eblobivec6 days ago

    FU marvel. Loki is cloun. Ty morans

  • Suman Das
    Suman Das6 days ago

    ♥️♥️♥️awesome show😍😍😍

  • ann mosan
    ann mosan7 days ago

    Loki is the best villain we ever had

  • The Rubik's cubers Official
    The Rubik's cubers Official7 days ago

    Oh!kang is the biggest villain in whole marvel universe

    HELL BOY ARV7 days ago

    *"Bruh but when will season 2 come"* - A Watcher .

  • flaagan
    flaagan7 days ago

    Marvel really owes it to James Gunn and Taika Waititi for giving the MCU the vivid colors and just out there entertainment value that's rolled so strongly into everything they make nowadays.

  • jacob debbarma
    jacob debbarma7 days ago

    Glorious video

  • shymali rai
    shymali rai7 days ago

    I am just thinking ki next time jab Loki aur spicy milenge to unka conversation kaisa hoga


    0:30 that little squeak 😍

  • Empress Macaron

    Empress Macaron

    4 days ago

    Lol he sounded like a cat. 😂💚

  • Anuradha Dwivedi
    Anuradha Dwivedi7 days ago

    Best marvel series ever love you loki

  • Skyminate
    Skyminate7 days ago

    The best series marvel has till date. Awesome Composition Awesome series The composition beats that of Avengers : Endgame

  • Bombai Kiran
    Bombai Kiran7 days ago

    I want to know the season 2 release date, PLZZ reveal it.

  • Glacier Chang
    Glacier Chang7 days ago

    Please join this petition to make Loki a the protagonist of the Loki series in Season 2, thank you!!

  • AA-VFX Motion Backgrounds
    AA-VFX Motion Backgrounds7 days ago

    Loki is the missing piece one must find. The Avengers' story isn't completely finished without this series. Waiting for season 2! Please bring back Cap.! 🙏🙏🙏 Now it's also possible! A new timeline where Cap. Is Chris Evans, live, well and young!

  • GOL D

    GOL D

    5 days ago

    Hydra cap

  • MinekEzQM
    MinekEzQM7 days ago

    One of the weakest 5 minutes in Infinity War was Loki's. Clearly over- and over- and over-done, script rewritten dozen times, many "decoy" scenes shot.... and it went to hell in the editing. (If you don't remember, watch it again, carefully, and leave your bias behind.) I respect the show tried somehow explain it. Didn't succeed but at least they tried.

  • Yolo Gaming
    Yolo Gaming8 days ago

    Best mcu series so far

  • Naveen Gupta
    Naveen Gupta8 days ago

    can't wait for season 2 .

  • Hollow me
    Hollow me8 days ago

    Marvel: watch it. After the show ended: You didn't? Then i'll spoil it all.

  • Prasoon Gupta
    Prasoon Gupta8 days ago

    Waiting for S2

  • Manisha Nagpure
    Manisha Nagpure8 days ago

    My most favourite movie /series in marval is Loki😉👍 I have not word

  • Shivam Pandit
    Shivam Pandit8 days ago

    Release the Spiderman No Way Home trailer 😡😡😡😡

  • Lil Grim Lil Grim
    Lil Grim Lil Grim8 days ago

    Waiting for Spider-Man -no more home

  • realbin8vfx
    realbin8vfx8 days ago

    hi! ✨its bin8vfx - best marvel series and films loki , be inspired and thriller in life, (these types of film and series deserve like and love , cuz they makes inspire and makes positive impact in new generations ) special liked by- bin8vfx ✨

  • Hannah Leach
    Hannah Leach8 days ago

    I’m literally getting my haircut like sylvies now

  • Reborn
    Reborn8 days ago

    Als wenn man es versucht hätte aber Marvel ablehnte.... mhmm

  • Gabriel Benselum
    Gabriel Benselum8 days ago

    Loki Is the best of the MCU by far. Best character. Best character development. Most charismatic.

  • Hatshepsut
    Hatshepsut8 days ago

    Я жду 2 сезон!!!

    BATTLE BOY ON8 days ago


  • Alencia
    Alencia8 days ago

    I love how they did this one

  • Ayush Maheshwari
    Ayush Maheshwari8 days ago

    Is iron man alive in multiverse of madness

  • Shonia D
    Shonia D8 days ago

    The dancing with Roman woman didn't make it to the series 😐

  • Fox Lisa
    Fox Lisa8 days ago

    Как будто Задорнов на превью)

  • KaSur Operation
    KaSur Operation8 days ago

    kang the kong

  • Omer Shaikh
    Omer Shaikh8 days ago

    Guys! The music has been like same as TASM 2!!

  • Raam Raam
    Raam Raam8 days ago

    My favorite 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Prabhav Adhvaryu
    Prabhav Adhvaryu8 days ago

    lets goooo

  • Just Play Games
    Just Play Games8 days ago

    Assembled: The Making of Loki

  • PotatoSmash
    PotatoSmash8 days ago

    We should thank Kang (he who remains) because he set everything up for loki to become the new prominent/leading person in this new beginning of MCM just like Tony Stark as Iron Man who started the whole MCU from his 1st movie!

  • A J
    A J8 days ago


  • Food user
    Food user8 days ago

    There is something more CGI it was amazing

  • Vihar
    Vihar8 days ago

    Tom, you just nailed it!

  • Asyraf Fareed
    Asyraf Fareed9 days ago

    cant we all agree that we need every MCU cast reaction/insights when they read/know about the plot of the MCU movies that they were in? i really wanted to know how they react of the plot!

  • CJ
    CJ9 days ago

    Classic loki shouldve brought michael bryce with him

  • E19CS018_ Prakash.k
    E19CS018_ Prakash.k9 days ago

    When session 2 is release 🤯 loki done awesome 🔥

  • Celebrities Then And Now
    Celebrities Then And Now9 days ago

    I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar9 days ago

    Love from India ❤️

  • Braj
    Braj9 days ago

    They have trailer for making

  • 허니헌이나잇
    허니헌이나잇9 days ago

    When will Disney plus launch in South Korea? It's too annoying using VPN for watch this

  • Yadav rajdev
    Yadav rajdev9 days ago

    Very excited for season 2

  • 어흥
    어흥9 days ago

    0:30 앙~!🧡

  • Music NG
    Music NG9 days ago

    Marvel knows well, what to serve audience 👍

  • Krish_1908
    Krish_19089 days ago


  • Partha Pratim Roy
    Partha Pratim Roy9 days ago

    Admit it covid 19 cost us the release of mcu as well as dcu films😷😡😡😡plus education crisis

  • Neo
    Neo9 days ago

    Is every episode has a different color of the infinity stones ?

  • chista17
    chista179 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston is a legend for performing this masterpiece character that is very potential for hiding his scars and pain! And absolutely so funny and charismatic!🥂💚

    GK DROID9 days ago

    Next session Waiting

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed9 days ago

    Loki يا جدعان

  • RAJ
    RAJ9 days ago


  • Hitesh Kumar
    Hitesh Kumar9 days ago

    Due to corona everyone wearing mask but they can kiss !!!! How ?

  • Ae Kathukalaam Shorts
    Ae Kathukalaam Shorts9 days ago

    They are very hardworking even in this covid only to entertain us🔥🤧🥺

  • Vinay Gupta
    Vinay Gupta9 days ago

    In web browser beta

  • Vinay Gupta
    Vinay Gupta9 days ago

    I have seen 5 episodes of loki

  • Harry Kharoud
    Harry Kharoud9 days ago

    session 2 is only 6 episodes i want 12 episodes i love lokki best in the world

  • Shiva
    Shiva9 days ago

    Bring Classic Loki back for season 2 & in MCU. He is too powerful to be killed.

  • محمد سجادی فر
    محمد سجادی فر9 days ago

    Amazing series

  • SacH Ma NooB YT
    SacH Ma NooB YT9 days ago

    Waiting for this man 😭😭 thank u so much marvel

    KCB ARMY9 days ago

    We are very excited

    STAN LEE9 days ago

    Loki now the master of mischief and the savior

  • Macrider_007gaming
    Macrider_007gaming9 days ago

    Press F for the classic Loki 🥺💔

  • Baisil M Joy
    Baisil M Joy9 days ago

    I wish season 2 come asap

  • Kranthi Aryan
    Kranthi Aryan9 days ago

    Asal bgm thop 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ashutosh Shah 8C 8
    Ashutosh Shah 8C 89 days ago

    When its releasing

  • Sachin kumbhkar
    Sachin kumbhkar9 days ago

    I am waiting for LOKI SEASON 2/3/4/5.... but in hindi

  • FrostAsh
    FrostAsh9 days ago

    Loki when his evil plan fails: Bro It was just a little joke!

  • GabeIsReal_
    GabeIsReal_9 days ago

    i still don't get why do these actors define their characters as a different person

  • Mega Raj
    Mega Raj9 days ago

    Make quick season 2

  • Anurag
    Anurag9 days ago

    Loki series was one of best web series I have ever watch I wish loki will return in multiverse of madness .

  • Cric8Adda
    Cric8Adda9 days ago

    I want him in loki love and thunder

  • FallenDagger.
    FallenDagger.9 days ago

    Just 😮

  • Sushma Azad
    Sushma Azad9 days ago

    Spiderman no way home trailer

  • Yell-O
    Yell-O9 days ago

    Because loki multiverse is here

    KAIDO WORORORORO9 days ago

    Come back Kate, you are the best director of Loki

  • Nitz natural
    Nitz natural9 days ago

    no way home

  • Josef Jensen
    Josef Jensen9 days ago

    Sorry guys your childhood was deconstructed and reconstructed to the mind of a 14-year-old teenage girl.

  • S.K.S
    S.K.S9 days ago

    കൊറേ പേരുടെ കഷ്ടപ്പാട് 😍😍

  • Rasver Justin
    Rasver Justin9 days ago

    The fact that Loki and WandaVision has brought us another new 10 years to Marvel world, I say im really excited to see all the Tv series and the movies