Marvel Studios' What If...? | Official Trailer | Disney+

Enter the multiverse of unlimited possibilities. Marvel Studios' first animated series, What If...?, starts streaming August 11 with new episodes Wednesdays on Disney+.

“What If… ?” features fan-favorite characters, including Peggy Carter, T’Challa, Doctor Strange, Killmonger, Thor and more. The new series, directed by Bryan Andrews with AC Bradley as head writer, features signature MCU action with a curious twist.

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  • Mrs. Vanitha
    Mrs. VanithaHour ago

    Please dub the toon tamil

  • Samir Makwana
    Samir Makwana2 hours ago

    Kya ye hame Hindi me dekh ne milegi ???

  • SugoiRyan
    SugoiRyan2 hours ago

    Copied from Arrowverse or?

  • Madhavan B S
    Madhavan B S2 hours ago

    0:39 Gamora weilds Thanos's twin blade from Endgame

  • Mr JR Just Real
    Mr JR Just Real2 hours ago

    Hay I have one of idea or store for Ironman negative roll .

  • Watersports
    Watersports3 hours ago

    Funny how tchalla grew up in space but still have the wakandan accent....cmon Marvel, you're slipping up

  • learn with me #CYBER SECURITY
    learn with me #CYBER SECURITY3 hours ago

    Link to loki

  • The beyonder(ಠ益ಠ)
    The beyonder(ಠ益ಠ)3 hours ago

    They are finally going to show harward in this series😂

  • Orangey
    Orangey4 hours ago

    I don’t care about the show, I just wanna have an entire episode where James Wright as the watcher is narrating the entire time.

  • Michaelthefanboy
    Michaelthefanboy4 hours ago

    Luca The Falcon and the Winter Soldier WandaVision The Mandalorian Star Wars: The Bad Batch Loki Black Widow Hawkeye Encanto What If...? Jungle Cruise Raya and the Last Dragon Spider-Man: No Way Home Ron's Gone Wrong Shang-Chi and the Legend of 10 Rings Free Guy Eternals Doctor Stange: Multiverse of Madness Pixar Popcorn Nahuel and the Magic Book/Nahuel y el Libro Mágico Godzilla vs Kong Mortal Kombat The Suicide Squad In the Heights Close Enough Dear Evan Hansen The Mitchells vs the Machines Wish Dragon Vivo DOTA: Dragon's Blood Arlo the Alligator (film) I Heart Arlo We the People America: The Motion Picture The Witcher 2021 is gonna be the best year ever!

  • Sierra MIKE
    Sierra MIKE5 hours ago

    We are downloading and watching illegally for free because you do not broadcast with Turkish subtitles. Thanks Disney.

  • sam
    sam5 hours ago

    Imagine a show like this for Star Wars

  • Frost Gamer
    Frost Gamer5 hours ago

    I am SO ready for this!

  • Diego Salcedo
    Diego Salcedo6 hours ago

    The woman that is next to the hulk is not black widow its really pepper potts

  • StopTouchingMeElmo
    StopTouchingMeElmo 6 hours ago

    I find all of these intersection except for the captain agent Carter one

  • bomber GS
    bomber GS6 hours ago


  • Simpy
    Simpy6 hours ago

    Wait it’s gonna be animated-

  • Evil Monster
    Evil Monster7 hours ago

    Thanos is a hero -----what if?

  • Sean Bernard
    Sean Bernard8 hours ago

    i feel like Watcher shouldv'e been a stan lee impression

  • Ella Amba
    Ella Amba8 hours ago

    fucken vision plucking out his own mindstone i get ready for feelings

  • movie lover
    movie lover8 hours ago

    Please this series realise in hindi dubbed

  • NST Dreams
    NST Dreams9 hours ago

    This is crap

  • Dr. Mayhem
    Dr. Mayhem10 hours ago

    im exited for everything but donald duck

  • Alberto Rojas

    Alberto Rojas

    9 hours ago

    Howard the Duck (Howard Duckson)*

  • Nightwing _Fan
    Nightwing _Fan11 hours ago

    This comes out the day I go to school

  • Sam Vimes
    Sam Vimes11 hours ago

    Good lord, what is wrong with the animation in this? It looks like a bootleg version of Into the Spiderverse. The facial animations are _especially_ poor. Marvel cartoons have had worse animation than DC cartoons for quite a while now, but this is really bad.

  • Marcel Gardner
    Marcel Gardner12 hours ago

    Howard The Duck!!!!!!!!

  • Fahd Abdullah
    Fahd Abdullah12 hours ago

    I’m hearing black panthers voice and realising that they don’t sound like Chadwick and it hurts me

  • Alberto Rojas

    Alberto Rojas

    12 hours ago

    Chadwick Aaron Boseman recorded the voice over before his death.

  • Ovais Shaikh
    Ovais Shaikh13 hours ago

    i really hope its on netflix

  • Sourav Mahmud Khan
    Sourav Mahmud Khan14 hours ago

    I bet this doesn't bother the TVA

  • Ash Burn
    Ash Burn14 hours ago

    You could not live with your live action,and where did that bring you? Back to animation.

  • Dzian Kolack

    Dzian Kolack

    14 hours ago

    Way better this way

  • Mark Montoya
    Mark Montoya15 hours ago

    The sole reason I got Disney +

  • clockworkdeity
    clockworkdeity16 hours ago

    2:15 Ek-ek-EK-ek!

  • Чингачгук
    Чингачгук16 hours ago

    The last time we can hear the king voice....

  • AngelTouch
    AngelTouch16 hours ago

    What if.....MCU was an anime? actually its MAU now, Marvel Animated Universe :wesmart:

  • Tanmay Deshmukh
    Tanmay Deshmukh17 hours ago

    We need an appearance of a cosmic being

  • Cypher
    Cypher17 hours ago

    I AM THE WATCHER, I OBSERVE ALL THAT TRANSPIRE HERE, BUT I DO NOT CAN NOT WILL NOT INTERFERE.( but i wish i could, by becoming a writer or director🥺)

  • Richard Wright
    Richard Wright17 hours ago

    Yooo this show comes out on my birthday

  • Dileep Aditya
    Dileep Aditya18 hours ago

    RIP Chadwick. We don't miss you thanks to your performances. Still we miss you :-(

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher18 hours ago

    I do not, cannot, will not interfere.

  • *SesamToast*
    *SesamToast*19 hours ago


  • thestu059
    thestu05919 hours ago

    Disney+ is ruining marvel. Yikes.

  • Retorgame
    Retorgame19 hours ago

    What if star lord was black



    15 hours ago

    Then he would have been a real star prince

    MD AFTAB19 hours ago

    Welcome to TVA!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Republic Blocks
    Republic Blocks20 hours ago

    Can anyone hear the Loki theme in the background of some parts of the trailer connecting the finale of Loki with this show

  • Axel Blaize
    Axel Blaize21 hour ago

    "I do not, can not, will not interfere"

  • zackychan financial
    zackychan financial21 hour ago

    at 1:23... is that tobey?

  • Dan K
    Dan K21 hour ago

    My god, they couldn’t even make proper animation. MCU is degrading

  • Vibindo
    Vibindo22 hours ago

    In no one gonna talk about captain Britain? The British empire about to conquer the whole multiverse guys.

  • PayBaf PVZimp
    PayBaf PVZimp23 hours ago

    Captian bri'ish

  • Ninos Adam
    Ninos Adam23 hours ago

    This will be nice. All the questions we have asked since we started to see the Marvel world in 2009 and we have a lot of crazy questions and ideas that we can see now in this work. I am very excited to see how it will be and this is also wonderful.

  • ririri rooror
    ririri rooror23 hours ago

    Yea... goodluck tryna fit this timeline into ur type of "show's systematic spectrum".

  • Sunny :)
    Sunny :) 23 hours ago

    i swear i this is a show that an episode gets released each week i will murder disney.

  • The Brick of Pain
    The Brick of PainDay ago

    Black panther as a star lord is the best thing about this series

  • Sumit Verma
    Sumit VermaDay ago

    The sound effects are just amazing

  • Uday Raj
    Uday RajDay ago

    What if tony stark not die in this series.oyha.

  • 07 Bharath M I BCom G
    07 Bharath M I BCom GDay ago

    I want Tamil

  • Agent Vivek
    Agent VivekDay ago

    0:17 black panther brother

  • Agent Vivek

    Agent Vivek

    Day ago

    @Alberto Rojas yes

  • Alberto Rojas

    Alberto Rojas

    Day ago

    N'Jadaka/Erik "Killmonger" Stevens & T'Challa/Black Panther are cousins.

  • archit singh
    archit singhDay ago

    actually if u ask me these episodes were not needed the movies are enough to kill us

  • bikrambro1235
    bikrambro1235Day ago

    The duck makes appearance once again.

  • Alberto Rojas

    Alberto Rojas

    Day ago

    Howard the Duck (Howard Duckson).

  • around all the wonders
    around all the wondersDay ago

    So it's gonna be about comics

  • Alberto Rojas

    Alberto Rojas

    Day ago

    MARVEL Studios' What If...? is an anthology series, and it explores what would happen if major moments from the films of the MARVEL Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999) occurred differently.

  • L Ron Cupboard
    L Ron CupboardDay ago

    If any outcome can be changed, what's the point?



    Day ago

    a multiversal war :)

  • Stephen Davidson
    Stephen DavidsonDay ago

    The secret formula to making endless money

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastnameDay ago

    This was my favorite comic book series

  • Necessary Evil
    Necessary EvilDay ago

    What if…..Disney didn’t dump on whites? I might still spend money on their movies

  • Necessary Evil

    Necessary Evil

    23 hours ago

    @PERCY marvel comics is the same. While they might not, yet, have that training, marvel comics is pushing far left agendas in their books which is why their sales are in the tank. Marvel studios is owned by Disney, it’s not just a releasing platform.



    Day ago

    @Necessary Evil it doesnt impact on marvel,Marvel Studios is owned by disney but disney isnt providing this,its just streamed on disney,if ya dont wanna pay,watch it on some illegal website.Dont create any chaos that has nothing to do with Marvel.

  • SpedeVesku


    Day ago

    @Necessary Evil LOL

  • Necessary Evil

    Necessary Evil

    Day ago

    @PERCY Disney has an anti-white training session for employees, similar to what Coke does. Which is why I don’t drink Coke anymore

  • Necessary Evil

    Necessary Evil

    Day ago

    @SpedeVesku ok, racist

  • dark tube
    dark tubeDay ago

    Please intitus indian superheros by Indian Marvel fans❤️

  • Alberto Rojas

    Alberto Rojas

    Day ago

    When will the Indian based Raj Comics introduce its "Raj Film Universe" to the world???

  • Misfit 636
    Misfit 636Day ago

    The art style is all Disney cartoon 🤣 rosey cheeks an red nose 🤣

  • Tanoy Das
    Tanoy DasDay ago

    Marvel's new theme: every superhero is a female 😏

  • Silver_fang
    Silver_fangDay ago

    Am i the only one happy/notice that they use the old sound of captain america's shield from the first avenger

  • ramesh datta
    ramesh dattaDay ago

    Marvel need to work on its animation quality...

  • DuskEx
    DuskExDay ago

    is that ghost at 1:21 ?

  • AbnORmal
    AbnORmalDay ago

    my boy spidey

  • Linda Marion
    Linda MarionDay ago

    Does anyone else think Party Thor looks like that prince Beast turned into at the end of animated "Beauty and the..."? And please tell me that isn't TaserFace with the Watchers.

  • Devan Beadle
    Devan BeadleDay ago

    What If Chadwick did a live action T’challa Star Lord

  • monde mamon
    monde mamonDay ago

    *World having multiple timelines* Dr.Strange: Who ruin the timeline?! Thor: LOKI DID IT! Dr.Strange: He's dead... Thor: Sorry, force of habit


    Tamil Dubbing 🔥


    I watch this video that is dum name video start that cool movie

  • BeanLover64
    BeanLover64Day ago

    Where is Thor’s beard??

  • Carolina Walder
    Carolina WalderDay ago

    But now we can be happy that the whole marvel thing turned out how it should turn out if you get what I mean

  • Hongyu Guo
    Hongyu GuoDay ago


  • Sonny Bill
    Sonny BillDay ago

    Just send Goku End of Story 😌

  • Dinal Andy
    Dinal AndyDay ago

    Marvel: "What if..?" Doja cat: "But if.."

  • Natalie Byrd

    Natalie Byrd

    3 hours ago

    we love a Doja & Marvel stan crossroad

  • Miguel Angel Solarte
    Miguel Angel SolarteDay ago

    👑Supera cualquier serie que antes haya visto 💓

  • happyCrappyloser
    happyCrappyloserDay ago

    What if the Goblin was in the MCU?

  • OrangeForce
    OrangeForceDay ago

    A crossover with borderlands, cool

  • Chintu8Gaming
    Chintu8GamingDay ago

    Waiting for this 😎

  • Scorpion Beatz
    Scorpion BeatzDay ago

    I'm just happy they got Chadwick Boseman's lines done and recorded before his sudden passing.

  • Devan Beadle

    Devan Beadle

    Day ago

    Me too bless his heart

  • Evan Sawatzky
    Evan SawatzkyDay ago

    ………. Stupid



    Day ago

    just like you.have u watched the series yet?dont judge the book by its cover.If you're not gonna watch...then dont need to comment about it

  • MrAsianFrank
    MrAsianFrankDay ago

    What if captain Mexico exist???

  • Funky Hunter
    Funky HunterDay ago

    Gayis iron man come back see all avengers movies and notice death cracter and see last epic part u see he or she alive if u believe me so see

  • Aidan Desrosiers
    Aidan DesrosiersDay ago

    Ok but is there a place in the multiverse that iron man survives endgame? 🤨

  • H C
    H CDay ago

    Wow, marvel going to ruin everything they have built up over the last decade

  • EMBRYO xl

    EMBRYO xl

    20 hours ago

    @H C so how is it ruining everything. Explain

  • H C

    H C

    Day ago

    @PERCY and did I ever say it was for the whole world? From looking online it seems to be a lot of people but I never brought that up



    Day ago

    @H C well it maybe for you,but not for the whole world right?

  • H C

    H C

    Day ago

    @PERCY it's been going downhill since captain Marvel unfortunately



    Day ago

    nah,they are making it better,you just dont appreciate what they do bro😂

  • George Spell
    George SpellDay ago

    Wait is the show gonna have a story throughout the season or is every episode gonna be it’s own thing

  • George Spell

    George Spell

    13 hours ago

    @Jarod Medina you dropped this 👑

  • Jarod Medina

    Jarod Medina

    14 hours ago

    @Cypher You misunderstood the question

  • Jarod Medina

    Jarod Medina

    14 hours ago

    It's not episodic, all the protagonists from every episode will team up, as seen in the Avengers shot, and Captain Carter will meet Dark Dr Strange

  • Cypher


    17 hours ago

    Dunno its a canon, it will have no effect on main story line, but just lets your imagination run wild, like shown in the trailer what if tony stark wasn't injured in desert and didnt become iron man, think about it there will be no avengers, cap will work for shield only, which will control most of the world, its fascinating.

  • click ketodiet
    click ketodietDay ago

    chadwick boseman...

  • Blue Wiccan
    Blue WiccanDay ago

    1:08 did anyone notice Deadpool there sitting

  • Parth Gupta
    Parth GuptaDay ago

    Chadwick's voice gives goosebumps ❣️

    PHOTONDay ago

    why would star-lord tachalla still have the accent if he was taken as a child?! Kinda racist, ngl.



    Day ago

    having an accent is not racist if the person itself was born with that accent.Its not racist.

  • Philip Samaan
    Philip SamaanDay ago

    I don't like the art style in this one. Everyone looks like they're wearing blush makeup


    Excited 🔥🔥