Jump | Marvel Studios’ Black Widow

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  • Lancelot
    Lancelot14 days ago

    New Marvel vs Capcom game with X-men when?

  • Lyonel Louis-Charles
    Lyonel Louis-Charles16 days ago

    The movie was good but I personally didn’t like what Marvel did to Taskmaster. Marvel completely dropped the ball on that and missed a huge opportunity to set him up as a mercenary that could make appearances in future movies and Disney plus series as a hired gun working for future villains or crime bosses. He could appeared in Captain America 4 or future Spider-Man films, future Antman films. Marvel could have saved Taskmaster and just made Dreykov’s daughter Iron Maiden instead. Put her in the Iron Maiden armor since it would make sense she’d be hiding her disfigured face and the armor would help sustain her life. I’m a big Taskmaster fan and this was a huge miss and complete waste of an interesting character like Tony Masters aka Taskmaster.

  • Orlando gonzalez
    Orlando gonzalez21 day ago

    And cine heroes is the app to si marvel muvies freeeeeeeee

  • Harry Warring
    Harry Warring23 days ago

    Why ?? Not available on Disney+ in India 😭😭😭😭

  • Raja Dev
    Raja Dev23 days ago

    Guys please guide us where to watch in India

  • Nathan King
    Nathan King23 days ago

    This happened before infinity war

  • Celia Rose
    Celia Rose23 days ago

    I’m watching it tonight and I’ve waited so long it doesn’t even feel real so I haven’t processed anything and now I’m soo scared and excited

  • aleeya
    aleeya23 days ago

    Ok how can she survive this jump and not the one in Vormir

  • deltavagen
    deltavagen23 days ago

    I was so excited for this movie but it again is another woke feminist trash campaign that bashes on every men...

  • Feris Yunos
    Feris Yunos23 days ago

    Taskmaster is played by Olga Kurylenko. Surprise!

  • nova d9
    nova d923 days ago

    No thanks I rather watch Wesley Snipes blade trilogy 1998 to 2004 that kind of proves blade was the very first black superhero not black panther

  • Facts Plague
    Facts Plague23 days ago

    Please hindi dubbed release

  • Omega Sensei
    Omega Sensei24 days ago

    I just watched it, It was good must watch! 8/10

  • רועי רובינס
    רועי רובינס24 days ago

    i have seen the movie in the cinema its very good movie i recommend to all marvel fans to see it

  • רועי רובינס

    רועי רובינס

    24 days ago

    @GOD X MARVEL GAMING i live in Israel and in Israel its on the cinema arlly i went to the cinema to see this movie yesterday

  • רועי רובינס

    רועי רובינס

    24 days ago

    @GOD X MARVEL GAMING what you mean to



    24 days ago


  • Aurora
    Aurora24 days ago

    Me a week ago : I'll watch this on theater!! Me rn : 🙂🙂*smilethroughcovidpossitive*

  • Vibes shotHARD
    Vibes shotHARD24 days ago

    Fact: this movie isn't coming to India

    SRIHARI R24 days ago

    When it will release in india?

    CODAAK24 days ago

    When will it release in India? Please release soon 😊😊😊😊😊☺😊😊😊😊😊

  • Bones Gaming
    Bones Gaming24 days ago

    i was expecting VH Jump

    ITZ_UMAR24 days ago




    24 days ago

    @Cl Choudhary thanks for your help bro 👍😊

  • Cl Choudhary

    Cl Choudhary

    24 days ago

    @ITZ_UMAR Not yet Later maybe after 12:30 or next week it will come



    24 days ago

    @Cl Choudhary did you found it on d+h Because I searched for it And it doesn't show any results

  • Cl Choudhary

    Cl Choudhary

    24 days ago

    yes disney plus hotstar premuim

  • Aaron Watt
    Aaron Watt24 days ago

    Looks like premier access for Australia has been pulled most likely because of the cinemas as they hate the idea of people been able to have a choice of not using a cinema at all like me. So currently even as a Disney+ subscriber in Australia I don’t have the option to buy, would like to know any other Australian user has the same problem?

  • Pablo Armas
    Pablo Armas24 days ago

    I already watched and i never heard her saying: ive lived a lot of lifes

    IRON MAN24 days ago

    Muero por ver esta pelicula de mi amor platónico" La heroina numero 1 de todo el mundo y planetas habitables" 😍👱‍♀️

  • Krayton 86
    Krayton 8624 days ago

    Well I watched it tonight... and I was right... this movie has three or four sentences only REMEMBERING BACK TO about what happened in Budapest and one f_cking scene only... with out hawk eye being in it... but this movie only visits Budapest in it own timeline briefly, just to be relevant to the Budapest question, and then goes on in it's own story... you can realize this, at the first quarter of the movie... soooo if you wanted to know what happened in Budapest with hawkeye and with the b widow then you will be disapointed! This movie is completely about something else... and you'll never know why barton said, you and I remember differently what happened in Budapest! Disney, you lied again! :D Again and again! Captain marvel lie was enough... lieing about, that if someone skips the movie, then that person will not understand endgame movie... WHAT A LIE THAT WAS! :D And now... the one movie, that born out of the millions of fans curiosity, about a conversation, is about something completely else! :D Thank you! I should ask for a refund! But I know it is useless! So "I had, an idea... an idea that can change the worl"......only one persons decision to want to watch this movie, then this comment is worth it!

  • Marvel Art fan
    Marvel Art fan24 days ago

    I can't wait!!!!!! :) ;)

  • JaggersGoneRogue
    JaggersGoneRogue24 days ago

    Heading to the theaters now can’t wait

  • Rudra Chowdhury
    Rudra Chowdhury24 days ago

    When will it be released? I want the exact time. Please!!!

  • Johnny Guerrero Guerra
    Johnny Guerrero Guerra24 days ago

    1944-Capitán América 1986-Howard the Duck 1989-The Punisher 1990-Capitán América 1994-Los Cuatro Fantásticos 1996-Generación X 1998-Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1998-Blade 2000-X-Men 2002-Blade II 2002-Spider-Man 2003-Daredevil 2003-X-Men 2 2003-Hulk 2004-The Punisher 2004-Spider-Man 2 2004-Blade:Trinity 2005-Man-Thing: la naturaleza del miedo 2005-Elektra 2005-Los4Fantásticos 2006-X-Men:TheLastStand 2007-Ghost Rider 2007-Los4FantásticosySilverSurfer 2007-Spider-Man 3 2008-Iron Man 2008-The Incredible Hulk 2008-El Castigador: Zona de Guerra 2009-X-MenOrigins:Wolverine 2010-Iron Man 2 2011-Thor 2011-X-Men: Primera Generación 2011-Capitán América: El Primer Vengador 2011-Ghost Rider: Espíritu de Venganza 2012-The Avengers 2012-The Amazing Spider-Man 2013-Iron Man 3 2013-The Wolverine 2013-Thor: The Dark World 2014-CaptainAmerica:TheWinterSoldier 2014-TheAmazingSpider-Man2:Rise of Electro 2014-X-Men: Días del Futuro Pasado 2014-Guardianes de la Galaxia 2015-Avengers: Age of Ultron 2015-Ant-Man 2015-4 Fantásticos 2016-Deadpool 2016-Capitán América: Civil War 2016-X-Men: Apocalipsis 2016-Doctor Strange 2017-Logan 2017-Guardianes de la Galaxia Vol. 2 2017-Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017-Thor: Ragnarok 2018-Black Panther 2018-Avengers: Infinity War 2018-Deadpool 2 2018-Ant-Man and the Wasp 2018-Venom 2019-Capitana Marvel 2019-Avengers: Endgame 2019-X-Men: Dark Phoenix 2019-Spider-Man: Lejos de Casa 2020-Los nuevos mutantes

  • liimeowi
    liimeowi24 days ago

    I just saw the movie I was lucky to get a ticket a day early for the premier and oh my it was great want to see it again. But the ending scene I got a tear and the other thing oh boy I am so exited for upcoming things now even more 😄🥰

  • Daniel Golovinov
    Daniel Golovinov24 days ago

    taskmaster is a woman the joke about 'the pose' was good other than that the movie is kinda mid ngl

  • Emil Nilsson Tollarps skola 6A
    Emil Nilsson Tollarps skola 6A24 days ago

    I just saw the movie and it was amazing, I live in Sweden and it released yesterday here

  • notanky Nayon
    notanky Nayon24 days ago

    This movie we want hindi dubbed.

  • Marco Lopez
    Marco Lopez24 days ago

    You know you gonna miss these daily black widow trailers after the movie drops.

  • Random Content
    Random Content24 days ago

    This night is so long, why I'm so eagerly waiting For our Natasha and a cameo of Tony stark 🤗🤗🤗

  • Steven James
    Steven James24 days ago

    Aren't they just ripping off Ahsoka there?

  • Metal Grade
    Metal Grade24 days ago

    The sheer scale of the action scenes is just wow!

  • Pavanajay Katta
    Pavanajay Katta24 days ago

    Everything is Graphics (jump) 😂 , but truly Marvel fan

  • Sethou Madhavan
    Sethou Madhavan24 days ago

    Waiting for BW be like, waiting for ordered food,now we can see only menu card

    SUGUMARAN B24 days ago

    Not in india 😭

  • Taw_Shin
    Taw_Shin24 days ago

    So if we assemble all the cutscenes marvel uploaded, Well get atleast 45% of the whole movie

  • Jay Tanwer
    Jay Tanwer24 days ago

    All about marvel is marvelous and glorious 😍

  • Yuji Itadori
    Yuji Itadori24 days ago

    Can i watch this online

  • Leelavathi Js
    Leelavathi Js24 days ago

    I want this movie in Telugu please marvel

  • Adhira Nair
    Adhira Nair24 days ago

    BLACK WIDOW IS BACK ....!!!!!!!!!so excited for it....

  • ApplePie
    ApplePie25 days ago

    Every trailer be like:Give me a random word Pizza Pizza?Pizza it is

  • Out, am i?
    Out, am i?25 days ago

    My first reaction: oh my wtf!!!!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯❗

  • Out, am i?
    Out, am i?25 days ago

    Already watched it...absolutely phenomenal

  • Out, am i?
    Out, am i?25 days ago


  • Suman Das
    Suman Das25 days ago


  • ForeverLife
    ForeverLife25 days ago

    My first reaction was like OH MY wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stuff
    Stuff25 days ago

    Already watched it: absolutely phenomenal

  • Arthur Perry
    Arthur Perry25 days ago

    YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Countdown...in one!

  • M.A. Abdus Salam
    M.A. Abdus Salam25 days ago

    sounded nearly honest trailers 😂😂😂

  • Abhinav Sinha
    Abhinav Sinha25 days ago

    Will it release in India??

  • Grogu Studios
    Grogu Studios25 days ago

    By now we have seen the whole movie in clips lol

  •  Adi Nayyar
    Adi Nayyar25 days ago

    we wont be able to see black widow in India because disney + premiere access is not available in India and it is neither coming in cinemas cause they are closed. It is only coming on disney+ hotstar on october 8th 😤😭😢can disney plus pls do something about it

  • BALA .R
    BALA .R25 days ago

    we need tamil dubbed

  • Parvez Hassan
    Parvez Hassan25 days ago


  • Mo In
    Mo In25 days ago

    Will they release whole movie like this?

  • Cee esS LordLander
    Cee esS LordLander25 days ago

    This reminded me of the SNL Black widow movie 😂😂😂

  • tu anh
    tu anh25 days ago

    i just watched it yesterday and it’s SO GOOD 🙌🙌

  • Sid Gaming
    Sid Gaming25 days ago

    Marvel: Jump Didn't she already jump in Endgame?

  • 9B 12 Anjoom Dariya A S

    9B 12 Anjoom Dariya A S

    25 days ago

    She died in 2019 and 2021

  • Vijvel Vidur Gupta
    Vijvel Vidur Gupta25 days ago

    fans - how many blackwidow trailers are you gonna make marvel - yes

  • Joca Sisi
    Joca Sisi25 days ago

    The credit scene is Val from falcon and the winter soldier paying yelena for her to kill the person who "killed" natasha : Barton

  • Joca Sisi

    Joca Sisi

    24 days ago

    @Kieran Duncan bc I'm CAPTAIN SPOILER

  • Kieran Duncan

    Kieran Duncan

    25 days ago

    Why would u spoil it for everyone

  • Joca Sisi
    Joca Sisi25 days ago

    The credit scene is Val from falcon and the winter soldier paying yelena for her to kill the person who "killed" natasha : Barton

  • Gonzalo Bernal
    Gonzalo Bernal25 days ago

    Black Widow will return to the MCU

  • Surya Prakash
    Surya Prakash25 days ago

    It's a launch jump ❤️👍

  • Adrian Parisi
    Adrian Parisi25 days ago

    Imagine not being australian and having seen it already lmao (it's good btw)

  • MasterGaming VK
    MasterGaming VK25 days ago

    In my country Bosnia-Herzegowina black widow permiered yesterday

  • Duh! !
    Duh! !25 days ago

    I think marvel has already released more than half of the movie through trailers n clips

  • Sanjay Joseph
    Sanjay Joseph25 days ago

    One more trailer to go my guys, I repeat one more trailer to go

  • Don Indiana
    Don Indiana25 days ago

    Hey, Black Widow's logo is on TVA's elevator door.

  • Neelabh Singh
    Neelabh Singh25 days ago

    Marvel has now ruined black widow for me... And I'm talking about the character whom I respected when she died in endgame 🥴🥴

  • Aman Gwalia
    Aman Gwalia25 days ago

    No need to go theatre Marvel will show you whole movie as a trailer👌🏼

  • Chiransh Gupta
    Chiransh Gupta25 days ago

    Can't wait for tomorrow. 😍😘🥰🤩🥳🤩😎🤬🤯😵🤢😬🤧💀👺😸👾☠️👹💩🤧😺😨😠😧😡😮🧵👨‍👧‍👦👗👩‍👧👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👧

  • DatOtherGuy
    DatOtherGuy25 days ago

    Jump referring to her jump in Endgame I Presume?

    BLACK NOVA25 days ago

    Fans :- please stop it Marvel :- "smile" I can do this all day, all night, 😉

  • Bhp0981
    Bhp098125 days ago

    This movie was definitely not one of the best. The tease of Hawkeye at the end with Val pulling the strings was a nice touch to show the direction they are heading.

  • Bhp0981


    23 days ago

    @Mitansh Sale lol

  • Mitansh Sale

    Mitansh Sale

    24 days ago

    @Bhp0981 why are you saying spoilers, some people haven't seen it yet

  • Bhp0981


    24 days ago

    @Mitansh Sale hmmm?

  • Mitansh Sale

    Mitansh Sale

    25 days ago


  • Sanskar Gupta
    Sanskar Gupta25 days ago


  • Suhas Badhe
    Suhas Badhe25 days ago

    Few more trailers and we can piece them together to complete the movie 😅

  • klloyd plata
    klloyd plata25 days ago

    Natasha Romanoff aka Natalia Alianovna Romanova aka Black Widow really loved and liked sky-falling or free-falling because in this type of strategy, she can lure her enemies out of the open bright sunny sky.

  • klloyd plata
    klloyd plata25 days ago

    I'm going to be jumping celebrating hypeness & excitement for the first debut of my most favourite and greatest beautifully attractive Russian Superhero-spy, Natasha Romanoff aka Natalia Alianovna Romanova aka Black Widow because it is the National Day of Infinites (number 8). Natasha Romanoff aka Natalia Alianovna Romanova aka Black Widow & Peter Parker aka Spider-man (the two Superheroes whom named after the spider that 8 legged arachnid), Kobe Bryant (who wore the jersey number 8), Avengers: Infinity War (because it has a place called "Heart of Infinity"), and finally Resident Evil new animated film titled Resident Evil: "Infinite Darkness" as well as the new Marvel Comicbook Universe storyline titled "Infinite Destinies".

  • The Marvel nerd 2016
    The Marvel nerd 201625 days ago

    I just seen this movie yesterday and I will say it was an excellent movie and marvel is back on the big screen

  • AvantsOfficial
    AvantsOfficial25 days ago

    lot of teasors of BW🤔

  • Marvelous Reactions
    Marvelous Reactions25 days ago

    I think Marvel will show the whole movie in clips. LOL

  • krishna k
    krishna k25 days ago

    In cartoon series black widow jumpings and her tricks are lot more covered, scarlet done justice to role

  • Kabita Adhikari
    Kabita Adhikari25 days ago

    Marvel just keeps on uploading clips all the time

  • Xavier
    Xavier25 days ago



    Waiting for that

  • Vidyuth Srinivas Akshay
    Vidyuth Srinivas Akshay25 days ago

    Remember that the movie is releasing tomorrow, don't give any promos after release

  • Tomás
    Tomás25 days ago

    I wanted to ask Marvel/Disney to please stop messing with my psyche by dropping parts of the movie, only the gods know how much I want to see this movie

  • Tirando Stylo Papu
    Tirando Stylo Papu25 days ago

    Boring 😪

  • David Mukwasa
    David Mukwasa25 days ago


  • Tanmay
    Tanmay25 days ago

    I Am Waiting

  • Cool Gamer
    Cool Gamer25 days ago

    Me:no money so let's piracy it

  • Kanishk Kumar
    Kanishk Kumar25 days ago


  • Akash Deepu
    Akash Deepu25 days ago

    Plz tell us hindi mai available kab hogi movie ?????

  • Legally Illegal

    Legally Illegal

    25 days ago

    @Akash Deepu That's just an excuse for your inability to understand English. And learn how to spell 'illiterate'.

  • Akash Deepu

    Akash Deepu

    25 days ago

    @Legally Illegal mind your language Bloody ill-leterate persons It's a matter of fun not a language Hindi dubbing is good to listen 😤😤😤😤

  • Legally Illegal

    Legally Illegal

    25 days ago

    English sikh lena gawar

  • Akash Deepu
    Akash Deepu25 days ago

    When it available in hindi any update about it ???????

  • Akash Deepu

    Akash Deepu

    25 days ago

    @Bring me Thanos 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Thiyaga Rajan
    Thiyaga Rajan25 days ago

    Jump, land, stand, walk,.....

  • Sanjana Adhlakha
    Sanjana Adhlakha25 days ago

    Please release Marvel Black Widow in India True fan from India ✌✌