Is Sylvie the Superior Loki?! | Ask Marvel

Sophia Di Martino, who plays "Sylvie" on Marvel Studios' Loki, answers questions submitted by Marvel Fans.

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  • Cak Wik
    Cak WikDay ago

    I like her, sylvie hair is same as her 😂😂

  • Altu XD
    Altu XD4 days ago

    Sylvie is love... ✨💖😍

  • Altu XD
    Altu XD4 days ago

    Sylvie is love... 💞💗😍

  • Jaidev Raja
    Jaidev Raja5 days ago

    Sophia : I hope you enjoyed my character. Fans : Hope???!!!! If you bet we'll not like you, then you're right. We LoVE you!!!!!!

  • J'ChrisTopher17
    J'ChrisTopher176 days ago

    I've made her tributes videos of sylvie and she's the reason why I started editing 😁 She is so cute💚

  • All in one
    All in one9 days ago

    I wish Sylvie to be in upcoming marvel movies too

  • bobaboba
    bobaboba9 days ago

    we love you sophia!

  • Super-Duck9
    Super-Duck99 days ago

    I really hope sylvie as the character doesn't get killed of in season 2 🙏

  • Ivy Spiritual Messages & Tarot
    Ivy Spiritual Messages & Tarot10 days ago

    Can you do a croki interview?

  • DeclanHugo RS
    DeclanHugo RS10 days ago

    Since Marvel is clearly diving into woke writing for Phase 4, naturally, because Sylvie is a woman, she is superior to Loki in every way.

  • Kaylyn Zamora
    Kaylyn Zamora11 days ago

    I think Sylvie and Loki are both the supreme Loki’s

  • Christian Braun
    Christian Braun11 days ago


  • Shubhankar Das
    Shubhankar Das12 days ago

    marvel is trash

  • Chemical Juice

    Chemical Juice

    12 days ago

    @Shubhankar Das gros on s'en balecouille.

  • Shubhankar Das

    Shubhankar Das

    12 days ago

    @Chemical Juice loki series destroyed mcu

  • Chemical Juice

    Chemical Juice

    12 days ago

    Tu pleures?

  • Aiman Marzuqi
    Aiman Marzuqi13 days ago

    Classic Loki is the Superior Loki

  • Firestorm
    Firestorm13 days ago

    Loki is loki

  • Alex Da MF Lion
    Alex Da MF Lion14 days ago

    I hated how nerfed loki was in this show. Great story telling but the action sucked.

    Me2 ROUND TWO14 days ago

    don't ask Marvel - go to the source - look into the free will issue a little more - you would be surprised - I'm really not kidding

  • Nana Domingos
    Nana Domingos14 days ago

    “revenge” is literally sylvie in the last episode 😭

  • Thegame666
    Thegame66614 days ago

    She's really beautiful

  • Lancelot
    Lancelot14 days ago

    New Marvel vs Capcom game with X-men when?

  • Tiến Khoa
    Tiến Khoa15 days ago

    Video đã xem

  • Luz K
    Luz K15 days ago

    Can't wait 'til season 2 arrives! Loki and Sylvie are so cute together

  • F4F entertainment
    F4F entertainment15 days ago

    Please upload Q/A with alligator Loki 💚

  • stEVIL Codiroli
    stEVIL Codiroli15 days ago

    Nice drop on the bikini kill song. Amazing band... Have all their vinyl.

    S.S GAMING15 days ago

    Hello bhabhi jiii ❤️❤️❤️

  • Aen Ien
    Aen Ien16 days ago

    Yes. Sylvie is queen.

  • Kok Heong Ang
    Kok Heong Ang16 days ago

    Sylvie is too caught up in her revenge mentality to experience "growth". Hands down, Tom's Loki is the superior Loki, 1 of 2 Lokis that actually experienced growth and broke out of their shell (Classical Loki being the other one).

  • Dhafin Salman

    Dhafin Salman

    13 days ago

    Yep, after Sylvie finally do her revenge, it seem she doesn't even know what have to do now.. proof revenge just a pathetic goals, the director and screenwriter do a great job

  • Itz Frosty
    Itz Frosty16 days ago


  • S A
    S A16 days ago

    Plot Twist: Sylvie is Thor and Loki's hidden sister not a variant and Hela's half-sister

  • Francisco Ramirez

    Francisco Ramirez

    16 days ago

    But she said she was adopted like Loki

  • Abhiram
    Abhiram16 days ago

    Does anybody know what's the music @. 0:44

  • הלל כהן
    הלל כהן16 days ago

    I love her so much. sylvie is such a badass. I might be in love

  • God Of Voids
    God Of Voids16 days ago

    We want interview with alligator Loki

  • Multiverse
    Multiverse16 days ago


  • John Q Law
    John Q Law17 days ago

    Of course she is. You can't have a "white dude" be "superior" now can you Marvel? Asking for Dr. Strange.

  • Chemical Juice

    Chemical Juice

    12 days ago

    Toi aussi tu pleures?

  • Sam Johnstone Music

    Sam Johnstone Music

    16 days ago


  • Takam Job
    Takam Job17 days ago

    I want an alligator loki series He's the best.

  • Rogine 426
    Rogine 42617 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston is the superior Loki. 😁❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ahmed Gaming
    Ahmed Gaming17 days ago

    Still, hate u 😒

  • Aksayini Shah

    Aksayini Shah

    15 days ago

    hate the characters but leave the actors alone.

  • Stark 01

    Stark 01

    16 days ago


  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers17 days ago

    No she is the dumbest. Dumbest than starlord 1. Classic loki 2. Loki 3. Alligator loki 4. Kid loki. 5. Sylvie ( stupid with no brain functionality)

  • Stark 01

    Stark 01

    16 days ago

    no one understand her point its hard to believe the man who destroy her life no home no family no friends her entire she want to kill creator of tva just one conversation enough to believe 😀 real betray she didn't care about him 😀she care about him that's why she send safest place tva she pruned her self for loki.... after she killed he who reminds he cired loki was Wright its don't make feel better

  • Daniel Franquet Jaime
    Daniel Franquet Jaime17 days ago

    Pedazo de serie más buena os habéis sacado de la manga, muchas felicidades, es un placer ver este tipo de cosas en televisión gracias

  • Some random 12 year old in his mum’s basement
    Some random 12 year old in his mum’s basement17 days ago


    DARẞHAN17 days ago


  • ÆLÐØeƒx
    ÆLÐØeƒx17 days ago

    Croki is the superior Loki end of discussion.

    SHADOW17 days ago

    Alligator loki is the strongest, no doubt

  • A R A G O R N
    A R A G O R N17 days ago

    She is the stupid loki

  • Chemical Juice

    Chemical Juice

    12 days ago


  • Evan Roldan

    Evan Roldan

    17 days ago


  • Manish Kumar Shukla
    Manish Kumar Shukla17 days ago

    New crush!!❤😍

  • Simon Jack
    Simon Jack17 days ago

    Yes she is;)

  • Nanya Bizness
    Nanya Bizness17 days ago

    Of course she needs to be superior. Feminists are watching. 🙄😑😒😵

  • Super Mindillusion
    Super Mindillusion17 days ago

    I dont buy loki romance,she and tom doesn't have chemistry at all.

  • Zeke Yeager

    Zeke Yeager

    17 days ago

    You are right

  • 10D vvk S.D.R.Tharun

    10D vvk S.D.R.Tharun

    17 days ago

    @Khoai Lang i agree they have chemistry

  • Khoai Lang

    Khoai Lang

    17 days ago

    Yes they have. A lot of people see that way

  • Shahrukh Srk
    Shahrukh Srk17 days ago

    movie and want loki over

  • VariousPond
    VariousPond17 days ago

    Sophia reminded me of Simon Pegg

  • Ramesh Sharma
    Ramesh Sharma17 days ago

    But loki with magic is the most powerful.

  • flo.
    flo.17 days ago


  • Shivam karn
    Shivam karn17 days ago


  • BlueVegeta456
    BlueVegeta45617 days ago

    To answer the question of the title. My answer is whatever will make Sofia happy.

  • Irfan Firmansyah
    Irfan Firmansyah17 days ago

    That Sylvie? No she is petter Quill woman

  • Koich Yt
    Koich Yt17 days ago

    She is so cute 😍

  • Mike
    Mike17 days ago

    Classic Loki is the Superior Loki

  • SirLoneWolfe
    SirLoneWolfe17 days ago

    She is not ..

  • TonY
    TonY17 days ago

    Sylvie Iz love ❤️🌸

  • Jakub žovinec
    Jakub žovinec17 days ago

    Loki is just philosophy of determinism and free will explained.

  • Lokesh Suthar
    Lokesh Suthar17 days ago


  • CaptainisLive
    CaptainisLive17 days ago

    Improve your acting

  • Noctur Vance
    Noctur Vance17 days ago

    the most romantic kiss 2021

  • neko of west
    neko of west17 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston the best Loki

  • Nate T
    Nate T17 days ago

    Judging by the 6th episode she’s over emotional, childish and hypocritical so maybe she is the best Loki because when you think she can make a tough decision and hold responsibility she behaves like a spoiled toddler

  • E-wa-K
    E-wa-K17 days ago

    Sylvie I hate u :v

  • Aryan Kasundra
    Aryan Kasundra17 days ago

    Hi lady loki

  • rwei85able
    rwei85able17 days ago

    Loki and slyvie romance in the finale was awesome!!!

  • Ajmal kj
    Ajmal kj17 days ago

    Sylvie will never be a superior loki She s never got the loki thing...

  • Manas Raj
    Manas Raj17 days ago

    Thanks for messing up the timeline with your childish act, ofc it's just a series but I feel sorry for He who remains

  • Sangeeth B
    Sangeeth B17 days ago

    I believe in Sylvie supremacy

  • ravi creed
    ravi creed17 days ago

    Sylvie believes in FreeWill?? How serious is that question???🥲

  • LMC
    LMC17 days ago

    Man is superior. End of discussion.

  • Hiếu Trần Gia
    Hiếu Trần Gia17 days ago

    she's so hot

  • Badulaques
    Badulaques17 days ago

    Hey queen

  • Aiman Halim
    Aiman Halim18 days ago

    We still don't know what is Sylvie's nexus event tho

  • Neshad Guho Mazumdar
    Neshad Guho Mazumdar18 days ago

    Alligator loki is the best Croki supremacy

    RALPH LOISE DARO18 days ago

    No. But she is the one behind messing up the timeline - and that's on ✨PERIODT✨

  • stfu
    stfu18 days ago

    NOPE! In EP 6 we found out what a DUMBO she is

  • stfu


    17 days ago

    @Mohd Faqrullah tf bruh! We know that. Do you think I am taking this for real??

  • Mohd Faqrullah

    Mohd Faqrullah

    17 days ago

    Sylvie did wat she did because directors and story writers wanted her to do it . There is no plan beyond that for Sylvie

  • Garvit Prashar

    Garvit Prashar

    17 days ago

    Tbh it's probably for good as we are gonna get some good things as multiverse has opened up

  • Lucifer Cave
    Lucifer Cave18 days ago

    Superior Star-Lord as of now..

  • Numbah 274
    Numbah 27418 days ago

    What the hell is this

  • A.M.
    A.M.18 days ago

    She is so cute 😊😊

  • panda_annie18
    panda_annie1818 days ago

    Am I the only one weirded out by the relationship between loki and sylvie? Its kinda strange to me

  • LIL MT  🌌

    LIL MT 🌌

    17 days ago

    yeah I know right 🤔

  • Hanuman Gupta
    Hanuman Gupta18 days ago

    How much good she is in hiding secrets see

  • RG Gaming
    RG Gaming18 days ago

    now u got to know why kang said see u soon to u? huh>

  • uknown user
    uknown user18 days ago

    youve seen this comment before

  • DevilTriggerVergil
    DevilTriggerVergil18 days ago

    Well she’s hotter I’ll give her that

  • Rylan2k
    Rylan2k18 days ago

    Lol when she made the joke about Sylvie being stronger she was going to say "it's 2021" sarcastically.

  • Alok Maurya
    Alok Maurya18 days ago

    You shoud not have killed He who remains at last.

  • Mohd Faqrullah

    Mohd Faqrullah

    18 days ago

    Well you dont have a multiverse then

  • Just an Average Joe
    Just an Average Joe18 days ago

    well she surely is now after episode 6 (spoiler alert)

  • GrandTheftLosAutos
    GrandTheftLosAutos18 days ago

    Cant wait for episode 7

  • Md. Muneebuddin

    Md. Muneebuddin

    18 days ago

    But there will be season 2

  • Rebecca Rich
    Rebecca Rich18 days ago

    She’s really cool and also somehow looks like a totally different person than in the show because of the darker hair and nose ring

  • Dunel Peach
    Dunel Peach18 days ago

    The queen

  • Ashutosh Ghige
    Ashutosh Ghige18 days ago

    Bow down for the Queen! She gave us what we wanted desperately from months, the multiverse!

  • StrawHat Renzo
    StrawHat Renzo18 days ago

    She literally just released KANG! OMG I'm still running like a lunatic from the season finale! KANG THE CONQUEROR!! KANG THE CONQUEROR IS COMING!!

  • Jabid Irias
    Jabid Irias18 days ago

    She’s Weirdly attractive

  • Its Maximous
    Its Maximous18 days ago


  • Abdulla Mather
    Abdulla Mather18 days ago

    Only true Loki fans remember this line "Wait, That's a Loki too"

  • Malsha Silva
    Malsha Silva18 days ago

    I like Her and I love her Character she is better than Natasha to me

  • Harlem Villarta
    Harlem Villarta18 days ago