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The future of the MCU has changed forever 🌀 All episodes of Marvel Studios' “Loki” are now streaming on Disney+.

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  • Alternatestories
    Alternatestories13 hours ago

    All praise belongings to God. I can’t believe you guys actually made that ending. Sad part is that’s the climax concept we will get for a long while. That what happens can’t be topped. Have you seen the 1st season of Westworld, the following seasons could not top the climax. This is so epic nothing in the MCU will compare. This was an end game reveal, if you can imagine in 10 years a chosen actor would be the “hero of time”(not Link). But we get that story right now. Also this Human is placed as the only person with enough gusto, ambition, grit, intelligence, that is needed to compete in the up coming war.... that makes all other current IP’s seem like weak chumps. Marvel you made the ultimate bad *** and finished his story in one episode, the greatest hero to live in the MCU has one episode. What show, story, or epic plot line is going to top what you just showed us.

  • Plump Cat
    Plump Cat4 days ago

    After episode 5 I would have agreed this is the best show on TV but after watching episode 6 the whole show was ruined for me. Like the whole show builds up just to reveal an anoying little boy in a bathrobe 😂

  • Caleb Aguilar
    Caleb Aguilar7 days ago

    When I first saw this it had 2012 comments.

  • realbin8vfx
    realbin8vfx8 days ago

    hi! ✨its bin8vfx - best marvel series and films loki , be inspired and thriller in life, (these types of film and series deserve like and love , cuz they makes inspire and makes positive impact in new generations ) special liked by- bin8vfx ✨

  • Ruang 3x4
    Ruang 3x49 days ago

    Thanks HULK….

  • joaquin valeri
    joaquin valeri11 days ago

    And all of your guys don't understand from me

  • joaquin valeri
    joaquin valeri11 days ago

    I hate family guy

  • Marina Ocean
    Marina Ocean11 days ago

    All this happened because Tom is the greatest actor living in out time.

  • Alencia
    Alencia12 days ago

    100 200 jyada lele aur loki ka season 2 dede😂

  • lz940s
    lz940s12 days ago

    phases 1-3 were such a beautiful experience to live thtough, i cannot wait to see what the future of marvel holds.

  • lz940s
    lz940s12 days ago


  • lz940s
    lz940s12 days ago

    the fact that around 95% of tom hiddleston's ideas were not in the series makes me so angry.

  • Patton
    Patton13 days ago

    The best show on tv is a lie it's a 4 out of 10 at best at worst its barlwy passable I disnt like any of the 3 marvel Disney plus shows

  • Ábïñàsh Sâhòõ
    Ábïñàsh Sâhòõ13 days ago

    Waiting for Season 2. ❤️

  • 吉原大智
    吉原大智13 days ago

    Loki season 2 please!

  • Sayak Chattopadhyay
    Sayak Chattopadhyay14 days ago

    it was great

  • S H
    S H14 days ago

    Perfect definition of chaos theory

  • The Master
    The Master14 days ago

    -Starlord hit thanos -Thanos won -Endgame happened with avengers returning to the past -Hulk hated the stairs -Loki took the tesseract -TVA taking Loki and Loki escaping with Sylvie -Loki and Sylvie meeting Kang variant and Sylvie killing him -Multiverse happening. MCU is changing forever because of Starlord's slapping to Thanos.

  • Rosalind Hicks-Bowles
    Rosalind Hicks-Bowles14 days ago

    "The bill comes due..always" and " Do not tamper with natural law" comes to mind now after watching Loki. Poor DR. Strange. Hope Tom Hiddleston still in the MCU for a while.

  • Lancelot
    Lancelot14 days ago

    New Marvel vs Capcom game with X-men when?

  • Brent Conway
    Brent Conway14 days ago

    Not me getting my heart broken last episode !!

  • Flidismer 7
    Flidismer 714 days ago

    Yessss it is the best show on tv..i mean loki is LOKI is the only reason iam gonna continue watching MARVEL upcoming movies

  • Lily Campion
    Lily Campion14 days ago

    I can’t be the only one that thinks Sylvie and Loki should NOT be together romantically

  • KingZireael
    KingZireael14 days ago

    "The best show on tv"... It's good... but not that good

  • Akshay H N
    Akshay H N14 days ago

    I'm waiting for Loki confronting Thor


    "I like it, slap it on a t-shirt" - The Guy Who I know for "WoW"

  • Elias Uddin
    Elias Uddin14 days ago

    Season 2 taratari release deo😁😁

    ASGARD ANUWAR14 days ago

    Dr stranger movie realise as soon as possible

  • Wicked Shades Productions
    Wicked Shades Productions14 days ago

    “Loki has changed the Marvel Universe forever” And possibly destroyed it

  • akash waghmare
    akash waghmare14 days ago

    Everyone's talking about Loki and Sylvie... Man, I wanted to see Mobius with his Jet Ski.. 🎿

  • Maha
    Maha14 days ago

    The most amazing MCU show.

  • vinthegreat
    vinthegreat14 days ago

    Marvel Cinematic Multiverse

  • Koizumi Mahiru <3
    Koizumi Mahiru <315 days ago

    Not me thinkning the start of this started with the word M O N K E not loki

  • Italian Empire
    Italian Empire15 days ago

    she didn't had seeee xx form some many years she might be virgin

  • Italian Empire

    Italian Empire

    15 days ago

    Poor virgin loki

  • Italian Empire

    Italian Empire

    15 days ago

    Loki missed the chance in last episode

  • Mohsin Mania
    Mohsin Mania15 days ago

    Bangladeshi Fans ❤️🇧🇩👇👍

  • Zac L
    Zac L15 days ago

    It was one of the most ambitious, wild shows, ever made.

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh15 days ago

    Copied concept of doremon , doors open anywhere , he who remains from future like doremon , time travel , multiverse , speaking crocodile like speaking cat (doremon) , crying nobita crying Loki , failed love towards sizuka , failed love towards sylvie

  • Tiến Khoa
    Tiến Khoa15 days ago

    Video đã xem

  • Ace ***
    Ace ***15 days ago

    He's good loki..... Need Anti hero loki

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel15 days ago

    Wouldn't the Loki-Sylvie pairing technically be incest?

  • Souhim Rohella

    Souhim Rohella

    14 days ago

    Thats low-key loki-cest

  • Jhonata Ramon Xavier
    Jhonata Ramon Xavier15 days ago

    I'm brazilian. 😁

  • McDonalds BadWifi
    McDonalds BadWifi15 days ago

    Just realised that tecnically the loki series is taking place during the final act of endgame.

  • David Rex
    David Rex15 days ago

    I bet He Who Remains made that rat turn on that van. So clever

  • MrMoustacheNinja
    MrMoustacheNinja15 days ago


    RËD FÜRY15 days ago

    Waiting Loki next episode expect

  • Gajendrasinh Solanki࿐
    Gajendrasinh Solanki࿐15 days ago

    Want next part or season

  • N A F I S  S h a i k h
    N A F I S S h a i k h15 days ago

    Thank you

  • Landa uday Kiran
    Landa uday Kiran15 days ago

    Super series

  • Arjun V Gopal
    Arjun V Gopal15 days ago

    Now you know why loki was on Dr. Strange's list of bad guys in Thor:Ragnorok.

  • Subhamoy Nandy
    Subhamoy Nandy15 days ago

    Very much disappointed

  • Maryt Marni
    Maryt Marni15 days ago

    Loki 💚😭👍

  • Suman Das
    Suman Das15 days ago

    😍😍😍awesome show♥️♥️♥️

  • TCL Friends
    TCL Friends15 days ago


  • KramutS
    KramutS15 days ago

    90's movie guy voice out of no where

  • Rohan Badga
    Rohan Badga15 days ago

    The Loki series is writing the future of MCU .

  • Deepak Channel
    Deepak Channel15 days ago

    but telugu,Tami we are in 4 episode

  • As. Gu.
    As. Gu.15 days ago

    I showing this series and i tell you loki only common man no power i am rate this series 5 of 1 star

    VINEGALI15 days ago

    0:13 Tommy Wiseau mood activated

  • Scyphe
    Scyphe15 days ago

    "Future"? This is just a 30 second Disney+ advert and has got nothing to do with the "future" of Loki.

  • Siddhesh Kadam
    Siddhesh Kadam16 days ago

    Actually slyvie changed the timeline ☺️🤦

  • Ready 876 Start | ரெடி 876 ஸ்டார்ட்
    Ready 876 Start | ரெடி 876 ஸ்டார்ட்16 days ago

    Mokka commentry irukingala?

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh16 days ago

    Kang will be in quantumania

  • Neon Ninja
    Neon Ninja16 days ago

    So now its MCM

  • Shehbaaz Akhter
    Shehbaaz Akhter16 days ago

    Loki is mid. Best part of it was Classic Loki and Kid Loki.

  • JaffrY
    JaffrY16 days ago

    yessir thats why i only watched the loki series xD

  • Hindi Short Gaming
    Hindi Short Gaming16 days ago

    Best Revange

    PRO GAMER AVVYA16 days ago

    when will season 2 come?????? i can’t wait

  • Shaikh Abdul Rehman
    Shaikh Abdul Rehman16 days ago

    He was the reason for Avengers back then and now he is the reason for the whole new level of MCU

    ABHAY KUMAR16 days ago

    When season 2 coming

  • Tucker Bowen
    Tucker Bowen16 days ago

    can't wait for season 2!

  • Oluwafemi Ogedengbe
    Oluwafemi Ogedengbe16 days ago

    I still don't understand why people are not talking about the fact that Loki tried to save a whole race without any string attached to race

  • The Mysterious Dude
    The Mysterious Dude16 days ago

    One thing that I keep wondering and I have like sort of answered it myself a little bit… if he just created the multiverse, why is it that in Doctor Strange, the ancient one was already talking about how there is a multiverse. The thing is, we don’t really know chronologically when Loki takes place. Yes it is 2012 Loki, BUT the TVA deals with people from every where in time so… ??? Is this technically before Doctor Strange even though the story in Loki technically happens after End Game which is after Doctor Strange? It’s a little confusing but I kind of just settled on some reasoning (although idk how to put into words what I settled on so I’ll try my best) I just told myself that the TVA doesn’t belong anywhere on the timeline and the events of Loki happen at a time that is not chronological to the events seen in every other MCU project, therefore in Doctor Strange the multiverse was there cuz of the events of Loki and we just needed to wait for the events of Endgame to happen that will eventually lead to the events of Loki. (Doesn’t make sense in words but… I feel like it does mentally… if that makes sense…)

    TATA RAO16 days ago


  • Drum
    Drum16 days ago

    I didn't expect that.

  • Naitly of Asghard
    Naitly of Asghard16 days ago

    The MCU: *makes sence* Loki: Let's fix that.

  • Arsalan
    Arsalan16 days ago

    I know that all the episodes are available at Disney + but if it is available for free then why should I waste my money 😁

  • Krisna Putra Muhammad
    Krisna Putra Muhammad16 days ago

    Syilvie idiot asf

  • Diana
    Diana16 days ago

    Marvel, what did you DO? The pain for the character that I have to experience from series to series, I can not keep inside myself! Loki 2012, please, if you can hear me, we are waiting for you, waiting with all our hearts!✊✊✊You are not weak with your loneliness, because it gives you the strength that you have been saving up all these years!💚 Your goal is great, it did not let you lose heart! You are a God with unshakable power flowing through your veins! 🦹‍♂️💪To hell with the love that takes you away. Be real! To hell with the love that tries to be super cool at the expense of humiliation! I repeat: you have the power! Come on, dear, tear and throw, this is your element! Loki, go ahead!💫💫💫

  • Alyan
    Alyan16 days ago

    we are team loki ❤❤❤

  • Realm of the Random
    Realm of the Random16 days ago

    The finale was underwhelming.

  • Atrayee Bhattacharya
    Atrayee Bhattacharya16 days ago

    It was not at all Sylvie's fault for creating the Multiverse ,like I know that she only stabbed "HE WHO REMAINS" but try to understand she her full life wasted on running from the T.V.A. .It was an awful journey for her. All she wanted was to bring down the T.V.A. so that every one gets free will and she can take the revenge on T.V.A. for ruining her childhood and so that she can create her own destiny . By killing its creator she could do so and this was the goal of her life .When at last when she met him ,even if loki and "HE WHO REMAINS" explained her the full matter it was not possible for any living being to change there plan for which they have been working for years .As she stands before the person “who robbed her life from her,” filled with anger that has been “growing her whole life.” At that moment, Sylvie believes “killing him is going to make her feel better,” and that belief is “stronger than any feelings she has for Loki. But don't get wrong that she does not have any feeling for loki .Just before the two Loki Variants kissed, Hiddleston's hero acknowledges that he is “a horrible person” but explains that she has changed him because he cares for her and just wants her “to be OK.” According to the Sylvie , Loki's heartfelt words “[broke] her heart a little” because “she just wants herself to be OK” too, making it “so powerful” to hear “someone else... acknowledge that:” But I Just Loved the scene when they two kissed each other .

  • Tanmay Chaudhary
    Tanmay Chaudhary16 days ago

    Glorious Purpose

  • urvashi dhama
    urvashi dhama16 days ago

    From Thanos to Kang The Conqueror . It's Loki All Along 🤔

  • omkar anand
    omkar anand16 days ago

    All episodes except season two that is I was curious when the left season 1 at a cliffhanger

  • Veerya Wijayathunga
    Veerya Wijayathunga16 days ago

    Next up, Doctor strange becoming a madness 😭😭😭

  • Soumadeep Bose
    Soumadeep Bose16 days ago

    Waiting for 'Loki' season 2

  • joni sakti
    joni sakti16 days ago


  • Lalu Bhai
    Lalu Bhai16 days ago

    Phase 1 2 3 were developed from iron man But phase 4 will develop from Loki 😂😂

  • Prathamesh Salunkhe
    Prathamesh Salunkhe16 days ago

    We want mobius more in mcu

  • Flygon Fiasco
    Flygon Fiasco16 days ago

    Glorious destiny

  • T.I.M Islamic
    T.I.M Islamic16 days ago

    The god of mischief can't die......

  • Divya Bhoria
    Divya Bhoria16 days ago

    The last episode literally destroyed the section of my brain devoted to MCU

  • Joker Javid
    Joker Javid16 days ago

    Addam. reverse

  • Alby selji
    Alby selji16 days ago

    Can you tell me the release date of season 2 plzz reply

  • Amit
    Amit16 days ago

    U had made worst movie I was expecting more better than this

  • oldkayakdude
    oldkayakdude16 days ago

    Since we are now in a new more chaotic branch of time... it makes sense they release a new trailer and reshoot the series again with all the changes ;)

  • RIN Xelovault
    RIN Xelovault16 days ago


  • Saikat Musib
    Saikat Musib16 days ago

    🖕🏻🖕🏻 for not giving Mobius his jet ski

  • Q-Q
    Q-Q16 days ago

    Why Spider Men?

  • Ravi Dhakad
    Ravi Dhakad16 days ago

    Have you made chutiyapa? After watching 6 episodes, I still do not understand what is going on, better than this, I would have made Babaseer on Tik Tok.