Family Reunion Featurette | Marvel Studios’ Black Widow

"This family shaped the person who Natasha became."

Check out this brand-new featurette about the family Natasha had before the Avengers. Experience Marvel Studios' this Friday!

Tickets and pre-orders available now.

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  • Philip Martin
    Philip Martin3 days ago

    All these clips combined are better than the movie

  • Kalyani Ovhal
    Kalyani Ovhal11 days ago

    Black widow shouldn't have been a PG 13... Such potential character ruined to "sow" new characters in the future of MCU! Natasha deserved better!!!! I can't believe Captain loosing his date was dragged sooooo much, Natasha lost much more... She deserved a spy thriller that was R rated!

  • Lancelot
    Lancelot14 days ago

    New Marvel vs Capcom game with X-men when?

  • Rasmi Chemitiganti
    Rasmi Chemitiganti16 days ago

    I love the vest scene

  • Connor Haines
    Connor Haines17 days ago

    Florence was like 14 years old when Scarlett debuted in the MCU in Iron Man 2

  • Brie olsen
    Brie olsen18 days ago

    Bring natasha and pietro back

  • amirave 69
    amirave 6920 days ago

    You can't stop family - Dom

  • Sai Dondapati
    Sai Dondapati20 days ago

    0:45 such a poser

  • Anurag Mahato
    Anurag Mahato21 day ago

    We want Deadpool back

  • Lady Eve & Guy Boiman TM
    Lady Eve & Guy Boiman TM21 day ago

    Black Canary and Sara Lance 🤗😂

  • kevnev342
    kevnev34221 day ago

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  • prashant dalai
    prashant dalai22 days ago

    Awsm movie and awsm vpn

  • ???
    ???22 days ago


  • Deny Deny22 days ago

    Next Project "The Rise of Guardian Widow,.or Guardian of Widow or Black Widow Guardian League or.." ?!?!

  • Anastasia P.
    Anastasia P.22 days ago

    Honestly the relationship between Nat and Yelena was so precious 🖤❤️🖤

  • Jim Decrans
    Jim Decrans22 days ago

    i just watched this movie and it's really fantastic it plays between captain america civil war and avengers !

  • SteVeL
    SteVeL22 days ago

    I could watch Florence's delivery of "it's so cool...right?" on a loop and never get bored.

    MOHD TALIB23 days ago

    I really want Yelena as next black widow in the new avengers

  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex23 days ago

    The family aspect felt much stronger in BW.

  • Swaroop J Kesav
    Swaroop J Kesav23 days ago

    They ruined Taskmaster! 😒

  • Basicallyabush
    Basicallyabush23 days ago

    Great Movie:)

  • Basicallyabush
    Basicallyabush23 days ago


  • mexmet
    mexmet23 days ago

    potato movie

  • Aleks Campbell
    Aleks Campbell23 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what song or. Music this is! It sounds amazing

  • chilledselfish.
    chilledselfish.23 days ago


  • Drew Mantia
    Drew Mantia23 days ago

    There was a trailer for the movie before the movie at the theater!

  • flummoxed.mp4
    flummoxed.mp423 days ago

    Where's Vin Diesel? How tf is this supposed to be a 'family reunion' without Vin Diesel?

  • The Spidercat
    The Spidercat23 days ago

    U say family reunion n yet I see no vin diesel

  • Kunal Chand
    Kunal Chand23 days ago

    She said the word "Family"! Where the heck is Dom?

  • Heken Kenneth Porlares
    Heken Kenneth Porlares23 days ago

    "Family" *Dom memes intensifies*

  • Feris Yunos
    Feris Yunos23 days ago

    Taskmaster is played by Olga Kurylenko. Surprise!

  • Fancy Verse
    Fancy Verse23 days ago

    Please hindi dubbed release

  • smokey 55
    smokey 5524 days ago

    Dom: your family not stronger as my family

  • Bobby Yudis Hendana
    Bobby Yudis Hendana24 days ago

    Very sad I cant watch black widow in Indonesia

  • Stupy Shark
    Stupy Shark24 days ago

    Lol this is how Marvel is trying to make money from BW

  • Ukaran
    Ukaran24 days ago

    "iT's s0 c00l, RiGhT?" *sigh* Why do all MCU characters act like dumb teenagers?

  • Persephone Kore

    Persephone Kore

    21 day ago

    she was meant to have some kind of "kid" stuff.

  • Skippy Brickson
    Skippy Brickson24 days ago

    The thinkable advantage intriguingly admire because sarah recently choke beyond a alluring grenade. quack, knowing snowboarding

  • amanda Algherwi
    amanda Algherwi24 days ago

    The loose reduction minimally weigh because slice physically test among a unknown verse. secret, numerous estimate

  • luke ketchum
    luke ketchum24 days ago

    "Such a poser!" LOL

  • Krayton 86
    Krayton 8624 days ago

    Well I watched it tonight... and I was right... this movie has three or four sentences only REMEMBERING BACK TO about what happened in Budapest and one f_cking scene only... with out hawk eye being in it... but this movie only visits Budapest in it own timeline briefly, just to be relevant to the Budapest question, and then goes on in it's own story... you can realize this, at the first quarter of the movie... soooo if you wanted to know what happened in Budapest with hawkeye and with the b widow then you will be disapointed! This movie is completely about something else... and you'll never know why barton said, you and I remember differently what happened in Budapest! Disney, you lied again! :D Again and again! Captain marvel lie was enough... lieing about, that if someone skips the movie, then that person will not understand endgame movie... WHAT A LIE THAT WAS! :D And now... the one movie, that born out of the millions of fans curiosity, about a conversation, is about something completely else! :D Thank you! I should ask for a refund! But I know it is useless! So "I had, an idea... an idea that can change the worl"......only one persons decision to want to watch this movie, then this comment is worth it!

  • Md Rakib Hassan Milon
    Md Rakib Hassan Milon24 days ago

    By seeing Yelena and those new characters, I am already so hyped about next Avengers. Because I can't wait to see How these phase 4 new Avengers and Infinity saga Avengers will Interact.

  • Jes D
    Jes D24 days ago


  • tysoon363636
    tysoon36363624 days ago

    4 of you reminds me so much of me, wife and my 2 daughters.

  • Emmanuel khan
    Emmanuel khan25 days ago

    I think I am done watching black widow with all this trailers

  • Out, am i?
    Out, am i?25 days ago

    Hawkeye is taskmaster

  • Amal Abdulla C
    Amal Abdulla C25 days ago

    taskmaster is hawkeye

  • Rext Klg
    Rext Klg25 days ago

    "Fight baddies for living" ohh yeah fighting with thanos army for living

  •  Adi Nayyar
    Adi Nayyar25 days ago

    we wont be able to see black widow in India because disney + premiere access is not available in India and it is neither coming in cinemas cause they are closed. It is only coming on disney+ hotstar on october 8th 😤😭😢can disney plus pls do something about it

  • James Aung
    James Aung25 days ago

    Such a poser well that's a true fact

  • Jan Edith
    Jan Edith25 days ago

    Dude I waited for 2 years for this movie , I've been dying to see this movie only for this to not release in India...i really wanted to watch it in theaters...this is my 13th reason 😭💔

  • Naomi
    Naomi25 days ago

    1:19 Seems Natasha did that thing sisters do where they go through their sister's closet and wear their clothes just like we see Nat wearing Yelena's green vest in IW.

  • Felicia Fransson
    Felicia Fransson25 days ago

    feeling very powerful being here after seeing the actual movie and seeing all the comments hahahahah

  • Soulless Senpai
    Soulless Senpai25 days ago

    Boring movie

  • John Wood
    John Wood25 days ago

    Florence, shes born for the character. Shes’s yelena.

  • Anirudh Gulia
    Anirudh Gulia25 days ago

    If someone combines the clips and by coincidence they gets timed correctly.Congratulations,you just made a movie:BLACK WIDOW.

  • Jonathan Ho
    Jonathan Ho25 days ago

    Don't slouch! Listen to your mother! Your a total poser!

  • Yash Patel
    Yash Patel26 days ago

    Oh god marvel pls stop 😂😂😂 Black widow is going to get a world record for most amount of trailers and clips

    FIZA HASSAN26 days ago

    normal studios ; releasing trailers marvel studios ; 1.releasing short trailer 2.keep fans in mystery 3.release thousands of clips and trailers 4.than revealing the mystery just one day before film date.

  • Helene Star
    Helene Star26 days ago

    FFS... i like your vest. I’m gonna go burry myself brb

  • Loki Odinson
    Loki Odinson26 days ago

    Family?? Dom incoming

  • Rudy956
    Rudy95626 days ago

    1:19 the vest she used in Infinity War 👀

  • Tom R.
    Tom R.26 days ago

    OHHH Nat actually takes yelena’s vest because she wears it in infinity war

  • John Hoffert
    John Hoffert26 days ago

    So am I the only one hoping that Florance is marvels new blackwidow after this?

  • Nikita Mohanan

    Nikita Mohanan

    26 days ago

    Well in the comics she is and Florence is confirmed in Disney plus' Hawkeye later this year so...there's that!

  • nurul anis
    nurul anis26 days ago

    my smile fade away when the behind the scene clip of natasha in endgame shows up

  • uma gamer
    uma gamer26 days ago

    I please black widow go see where ?? In India

    RISHAV SINGH26 days ago

    No matter how many clips they release and the whole movie is out on youtube in someways i haven't watched a single clip this is the first one except the final trailer.. Saving myself from getting spoiled for the movie almost there friyay😂

  • Abhay
    Abhay26 days ago

    Dominic Toretto wants to know your location...cuz family

  • khaidem
    khaidem26 days ago

    I joined all the trailers and teasers ... N boom I saw the entire movie .

  • Sebak Bhattacharya
    Sebak Bhattacharya26 days ago

    Add all clips and you will get the movie

  • IDMdesignART
    IDMdesignART26 days ago

    where is dom ?! the title is "family reunion" but without dom wtf

  • Vikky Sharma
    Vikky Sharma26 days ago

    Marvel is releasing so much of clip, I think we will have to re-arrange the clip in sequence and watch the movie ourselves....

  • Mohit Chandel
    Mohit Chandel26 days ago


  • Lourthu Jesi
    Lourthu Jesi26 days ago

    So florance is going to take black widows place in avengers but still angry on them for letting her sister die for soul stone

  • Darlene Lewis
    Darlene Lewis26 days ago

    I'll believe it, when I see it.

  • sayyid radhy ✓
    sayyid radhy ✓26 days ago

    I love yelena,s sound

  • Harsh Kumar
    Harsh Kumar26 days ago

    Red guardian is natsa father in movie soipler

  • Rohan Ranjan
    Rohan Ranjan26 days ago

    'm just fed up of this word , *FAMILY* .

  • Shivendra Singh
    Shivendra Singh26 days ago

    Why don't you just upload full movie 🍿🎥

  • Naveen Gupta
    Naveen Gupta26 days ago

    Even though this is not releasing in India , pugh’s accent is different in the movie than what it really is

  • Diego Hernandez
    Diego Hernandez26 days ago

    DID YOU SAY FAMILY *toretto enters the room*

  • ArafSpidey
    ArafSpidey26 days ago

    Florence looks pretty cute in the movie.

  • CJ32 pull2
    CJ32 pull226 days ago

    00:13 I was slouching so I fixed it quick 😂

  • sam joseph
    sam joseph26 days ago

    Natasha and Yelena fighting Dom - you never turn your backs on family

  • Animallover2467 8
    Animallover2467 826 days ago


  • crediblesnow
    crediblesnow26 days ago

    yo wtf it aint even funny anymore, marvel spoiling their own movie

  • Rithunand k Sudheesh
    Rithunand k Sudheesh26 days ago


  • Pennywise’s wife
    Pennywise’s wife26 days ago

    Did the avengers ever tell nat’s family that she died?

  • Sayanta Das
    Sayanta Das26 days ago

    Egarly Waiting

  • MyDreaminOrbit
    MyDreaminOrbit26 days ago

    Now we now why Black Widow wears a vest in Infinity War

  • Gautham Gandhi
    Gautham Gandhi26 days ago

    The only person who talks more about family is Dom. And even they release less teasers.

  • Rabbit Rat
    Rabbit Rat26 days ago

    Someone has to destroy marvel before they destroy holywood. Its now infested with dumb stupid movies. If you really want to sleep for an hour, then go to theator n watch it. Ohh remember watching spiderman, the whole 1 n a half hour thinking if someone tear apart spider man into two by stepping on one leg, and throw one piece into north and other to south. When the dialogue "no father" "no mother" "no uncle", i was thinking who cares. I dont understand what kind of people watch these kind of movies. Marvel please stop making movies, its repelling so bad. Let movies close to life come n rule.

  • Badar Massih
    Badar Massih26 days ago

    “Family” - Dom Toretto

  • SPT
    SPT26 days ago


  • Planet Narcnine
    Planet Narcnine26 days ago

    Marvel is trying to hype this bc we have lost interest. You should have released it for free during the lockdowns last year. You would have gotten HUGE bonus points with the fans.

  • sadie Rainbolt
    sadie Rainbolt26 days ago


  • Lalnunsangi Ralte
    Lalnunsangi Ralte26 days ago

    Marvel stop giving us these clips we want the real movie...

  • Lalnunsangi Ralte
    Lalnunsangi Ralte26 days ago

    Scarlett's daughter really think her mother fight bad guys for living...😆😆

  • JoeCas
    JoeCas26 days ago

    Total poser. 😂

  • Bob Brownbear
    Bob Brownbear26 days ago


  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts26 days ago

    Has anyone pieced together all these clips/trailers? I wouldn’t mind seeing the movie a few days early. 🤷🏽‍♂️