Exciting | Marvel Studios’ Black Widow

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  • Philip Martin
    Philip Martin3 days ago

    No, critics amd audiences do NOT believe that Black Widow (2021) is the #1 movie of the year. It is also most definitely NOT worth the wait

  • realbin8vfx
    realbin8vfx8 days ago

    hi! ✨its bin8vfx - best marvel series and films and i cant wait to see this marvel black widow, be inspired and thriller in life, (these types of film and series deserve like and love , cuz they makes inspire and makes positive impact in new generations ) special liked by- bin8vfx ✨

  • Joy los
    Joy los11 days ago

    I love this movie! My favourite Scarlett and Florence are amazing together ❤🕷

  • Inwon Lee
    Inwon Lee14 days ago

    UA 영상 디자인

  • Sharnjira Tuaiha Kijnithiphisal
    Sharnjira Tuaiha Kijnithiphisal14 days ago

    Disney+ when?

  • Erman Bumaguin

    Erman Bumaguin

    2 days ago

    So you cost scarlett her money?

  • Lancelot
    Lancelot14 days ago

    New Marvel vs Capcom game with X-men when?

  • Axe Battler
    Axe Battler14 days ago

    DC lost

  • Lyonel Louis-Charles
    Lyonel Louis-Charles16 days ago

    The movie was good but I personally didn’t like what Marvel did to Taskmaster. Marvel completely dropped the ball on that and missed a huge opportunity to set him up as a mercenary that could make appearances in future movies and Disney plus series as a hired gun working for future villains or crime bosses. He could appeared in Captain America 4 or future Spider-Man films, future Antman films. Marvel could have saved Taskmaster and just made Dreykov’s daughter Iron Maiden instead. Put her in the Iron Maiden armor since it would make sense she’d be hiding her disfigured face and the armor would help sustain her life. I’m a big Taskmaster fan and this was a huge miss and complete waste of an interesting character like Tony Masters aka Taskmaster.

  • Josh Loves Movies
    Josh Loves Movies16 days ago

    I need Black Widow 2 to star Yelena!

  • Babu P. P
    Babu P. P17 days ago

    This movie is really an outstanding one

  • Brijesh Kumar
    Brijesh Kumar17 days ago


  • Krishnamohan M.N.
    Krishnamohan M.N.17 days ago


  • Yoshi Joshi
    Yoshi Joshi18 days ago

    the amount of therapy ive needed cuz of marvel-

    CYBORG18 days ago

    One of marvels disappointed film

  • Camilo Camargo
    Camilo Camargo18 days ago

    Yo Leí Exitante XD.

  • OCM Rick
    OCM Rick18 days ago

    It was good, but can't help but feel it was also a missed opportunity. The opening 10 minutes and credits (whoever did them needs a promotion!) teed up what could've been a much more interesting story, with weight and commentary on the real world. It quickly devolved into standard, even if fairly entertaining, fare. Hopefully Pugh has the opportunity in future MCU for something with a bit more grit.

  • Harvey Dobel
    Harvey Dobel18 days ago

    marvel: critics and audiences agree the number one movie of the year Me writing a google review saying I hated it and it wasted my money and brain cells be like: OK champ.

  • PK beat-red pile

    PK beat-red pile

    17 days ago


  • sreevani mukku
    sreevani mukku18 days ago

    #1 movie of the year.. Seriously?

  • Mert Gzl
    Mert Gzl18 days ago

    Marvel : #1 Movie Of The Year Which will be released in the same year; The Eternals : 👁️👄👁️

  • tetsuo strider
    tetsuo strider18 days ago

    3.3-4.0/10 horrible trash.

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford18 days ago

    Amazing film.

  • JackPlays
    JackPlays18 days ago

    Number 1 movie this year without waiting for no way home which will imo be the second best of all time but we will have to wait and see

  • Dihen Video and movie rater
    Dihen Video and movie rater18 days ago

    Trailere coming after black widow too 😆

  • Hot Girls Video XXX
    Hot Girls Video XXX18 days ago

    Latest content especially for adults ����

  • JOHNNYTTears
    JOHNNYTTears18 days ago

    "1 movie of the year" until Spider No Way Home arrives.

  • Dynαtós
    Dynαtós18 days ago

    Please don't kill off Natasha

  • The Curious Kid
    The Curious Kid19 days ago

    So here's the main question Why is BLACK widow always in white?

  • Temp Tun
    Temp Tun19 days ago

    Worst movie ever made by marvel in his career

  • Kayla Parsons
    Kayla Parsons19 days ago

    No need to see Black Widow in cinemas just watch all the clips on USplan and you'll have seen the entire movie, Lol lol 😂😂😄

  • Totallynot DIO
    Totallynot DIO19 days ago

    well its really nice to show everyone that critics like your movie after you paid them right?

  • ADN comments
    ADN comments19 days ago


  • Perry Hiley
    Perry Hiley19 days ago

    Mediocre at best.

  • McDonald Trump
    McDonald Trump19 days ago

    A little desperate no ?

  • Jismon George
    Jismon George19 days ago

    no its not number 1 compared to Cruella , But i am a diehard Marvel Fan.Cruella wins

  • Karthik TL
    Karthik TL19 days ago


  • Emil58
    Emil5819 days ago

    I watched "black widow" in Russian language. And in principle, they translated normally.

  • Rivariz
    Rivariz19 days ago

    I watched it today on Imax

  • Richard Coterie
    Richard Coterie19 days ago

    Is Shang Chi gonna be good?

  • Richard Coterie
    Richard Coterie19 days ago


  • Aditya Naik
    Aditya Naik19 days ago

    Weakest mcu film till now...if u remove the film it will not affect the timeline at all

  • jashabant Kumar
    jashabant Kumar19 days ago


  • Chase Lake
    Chase Lake19 days ago


  • The Silent Astrophotograper
    The Silent Astrophotograper19 days ago


  • Utarus Flemo
    Utarus Flemo19 days ago

    Are they complimenting because of the Marvel logo on the big screen? This movie is not (that) bad but not (that) good either. PS. Its not worth the wait. Thank you.

  • Jasher Adithela
    Jasher Adithela19 days ago

    Taskmaster was not as powerful as we expected. Red Gaurdian was shown as completely useless, would be nice if we could see some action sequences from him as well. Totally and unnecessarily women dominated movie, I don't know why since Endgame Marvel is pushing so hard on women instead of making the storyline and plot look Natural and balanced. Movies will do well with Woman lead roles if you try to do a better writing. Charlies Angels and Captain Marvel is enough already to give us Nightmares we don't need another movie of that sort

  • Alyssa Summer
    Alyssa Summer19 days ago

    Critics are hired actors

  • MC_Gumball
    MC_Gumball19 days ago

    One of the most boring movie ever. Scarlet was good in this movie but the plot are freaking boring.

  • Vinicio Reyes
    Vinicio Reyes19 days ago

    They are literally reusing the same reviews from their past films lmao

  • Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.
    Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.19 days ago

    In Loving Memory Of Stan Lee (12/28/1922-11/12/2018)

  • Dexter
    Dexter19 days ago

    Really ,It may be best movie of the year but worst movie of marvel even worse than captain marvel .That's quite an achievement .The onething I used to like about marvel these movie were not boring at least .But boy this movie boring on the top of B

  • Poketuber Frontside
    Poketuber Frontside19 days ago

    I am dissapointed by this movie

  • Christina
    Christina19 days ago

    Black Widow is the best movie of the year and the action is very awesome

    MK CREATIONS19 days ago

    Worst movie , didn't reach my expectations even 10% Loki series are 10 times better than this

  • Scott
    Scott19 days ago

    This movie was meh imo for a couple of reasons. Usually I’d keep this to myself but there are just so many annoying fans that act like it’s impossible for marvel films to have flaws. Here’s a couple of issues I had: 1) the villains were pretty bad. Drakov had no real character traits. He’s just some bad dude that controls the red room. We learn nothing meaningful about his past with Natasha. Taskmaster had a lot of potential bc of the characters skill sets. And . . . It went to waste. Taskmaster was one of the worst mcu villains of all time. Said like one line the entire time. Zero character traits. Basically, the villains were not compelling. 2) we don’t learn very much about Natasha’s past in this movie. The intro gives you a decent idea of how she used to live in a spy family but that’s it. You learn barely anything about the Budapest incident with Hawkeye. The only thing you really learn is where she got her vest from lol 3) action scenes. The cgi in some of the scenes was meh but that’s not a huge deal. But I kinda wish Natasha got to fight taskmaster more, especially at the end. The fight between Alexei and taskmaster from the trailers looks sick and then they cut away whenever it gets good. Bruh 4) overuse of humor. Whenever scenes get serious they just diffuse the tension with humor. It completely ruins any emotion and growth for the characters. Like when alexei and yelena are talking and they get ambushed, they just make it funny by sticking alexei with like 20 tranquilizer darts. When thing get serious, keep it serious. Humor works when it is in the right place. For example: CAWS and GOTG1/2 5) lastly, wack logic. Some stuff just made no sense. Like why do yelena and Natasha fight when they meet? They know each other and just chill afterwards. They were really going after it too. Also, at the end, why does Natasha stay behind to “hold off Ross”??? The others have already left. And what was she going to do against like 20 cars full of enemies? Speaking of which, WTH DID SHE DO?!?!?? She gets completely surrounded by Ross and then 2 weeks later she’s chillin with no explanation?? Like, at least explain what happened. Also, the action logic made no sense. Why did they make Natasha invincible? Like when taskmaster blows up her car, she should have burnt to death and at least have gotten knocked out or something. Then during the rooftop chase, Natasha falls like 5 stories and smacks some pipes like 4 times in the way down. Her skull should have been fractured and her ribs should have been poking out her chest. But no, she gets up and is just chilling. During the car chase, their car gets completely flipped over and they crash, and I thought it was also really weird how Natasha and yelena were completely fine after that. Overall, marvel really wasted their chance to make a really great movie with a female lead. Considering this is the last of black widow, it’s really disappointing that this was the last thing we got

  • simp4milfs
    simp4milfs19 days ago

    So it’s now on my daily calandra to watch at least one black widow trailer

  • Kryptonite
    Kryptonite19 days ago

    Everything about the movie is good except taskmaster's identity


    Not worth the wait

  • SOLO GAMER 1.0
    SOLO GAMER 1.019 days ago

    I gave 5 star to this movie because it was awesome..........

  • Akash Adak
    Akash Adak19 days ago

    What did you do with the taskmaster!!!

  • Alexander Helfman
    Alexander Helfman19 days ago

    It was worth it.

  • 9B 12 Anjoom Dariya A S
    9B 12 Anjoom Dariya A S19 days ago

    Trash can

  • The Clown Prince Of Crime
    The Clown Prince Of Crime19 days ago

    Just downloaded it off torrent and It's a "meh" movie.

  • Good One
    Good One19 days ago

    The dialouge in the movie 'such a poser ' is so funny...

  • Jatin Vidhani
    Jatin Vidhani19 days ago

    And Disney had ruined taskmaster and timekeeper.

  • 9B 12 Anjoom Dariya A S

    9B 12 Anjoom Dariya A S

    19 days ago

    Yeah they ruined it , I hope they won't Ruin Spideman

  • Jatin Vidhani
    Jatin Vidhani19 days ago

    Wait a minute u should know year is not ended till now and we want no way home!!!!!!

  • ProfPolish
    ProfPolish19 days ago

    Yelana is the only thing propping this movie up. She’s kinda got that Nebula vibe only not psychotic.

  • Krish_1908
    Krish_190819 days ago


  • Dhruv Gautam
    Dhruv Gautam19 days ago

    Marvel spoiler dene se baaz nhi aayega

  • dheeraj rao
    dheeraj rao19 days ago

    We are criticising task master ideology.... time god that we didnt concentrate on Mephisto and elementals theory, otherwise, this discussion would have started from Spiderman far from movie itself....

  • dheeraj rao
    dheeraj rao19 days ago


  • KnightShifter
    KnightShifter19 days ago

    It is a good movie people need to grow the hell and enjoy life.

  • jai harrish
    jai harrish19 days ago

    *Worth The Wait*

  • just youtubers
    just youtubers19 days ago

    Wait isn't the no.1 movie of the year is Spider-Man no way home?

  • Mortal Scorp
    Mortal Scorp19 days ago

    " Brilliant!" " Worth The Wait!" Not exactly what I hear from the majority audience

  • 9B 12 Anjoom Dariya A S

    9B 12 Anjoom Dariya A S

    19 days ago

    Yeah , this movie is not that good , but not weird thuh..

  • SSSSsssss
    SSSSsssss19 days ago

    yes ofc we were excited cause we waited for almost 2 years, but the movie didn't reach up to our expectations :((((

  • DKTheDarkKnight
    DKTheDarkKnight19 days ago

    This movie was average at best.

  • Parithosh Tammiireddy
    Parithosh Tammiireddy19 days ago

    Bring it in India. Plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss );

  • Aidan
    Aidan19 days ago

    Taskmaster was so underused and underwhelming, wouldve been better as an avengers villain or something as Tony Masters

  • Atul Singh
    Atul Singh19 days ago

    Tatti 🙄

  • nhện nhọ review
    nhện nhọ review19 days ago

    I hope this get a sequel

  • nhện nhọ review
    nhện nhọ review19 days ago

    I love yelene the best

  • nhện nhọ review
    nhện nhọ review19 days ago

    I love the movie

  • Hrushikesh Gangisetty
    Hrushikesh Gangisetty19 days ago

    Marvel: Posts trailers even after the movie is released Also Marvel : Doesnt release the movie in India till October Marvel fans in India: Me kya karu ? Mar jao

  • Sayantan Sen
    Sayantan Sen19 days ago

    At this points it feels like a desperate attempt to make people watch the movie.

  • Ulrich Ayrton
    Ulrich Ayrton19 days ago

    I don"t know why some people keeps complaining about this clips but continue watching it anyways

  • Wrist
    Wrist19 days ago

    I must say it was pretty good. Action was great.

  • 18-10 Nisarg Modi
    18-10 Nisarg Modi19 days ago

    When release in india??? Pls release as soon as possible... what crime we did?? That you release this movie too late???

  • funvilla
    funvilla19 days ago

    Taskmaster should have been a powerful character but marvel ruined it like as Mandarin.

  • Kathan Prajapati
    Kathan Prajapati19 days ago

    Let's hope Shang Chi gets the same amount of hype.

  • rakim
    rakim19 days ago

    Nah this ain't it chief

  • thevoid99
    thevoid9919 days ago

    in the next captain america film, i want it to end with alexei sitting and relaxing at sam's fishing boat fishing with sam, bucky, torres, yelena, sam's sister, isaiah bradley, eli bradley, and others just having a good time with alexei having an arm-wrestling match with isaiah and having a few brewskis. i love red guardian.

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt19 days ago

    The only time the actress credited with playing Taskmaster was on screen was whem she took her helmet off. All other scenes were filmed with stuntman Andy Lister. He deserves the credit since he played 98 percent of the character.

  • Rahul Mahto
    Rahul Mahto19 days ago

    India mein kab released hoga

  • close the Chanel
    close the Chanel19 days ago

    No it's number 1 this not gunna go number 1 no way

  • Erik Rod
    Erik Rod19 days ago

    Movie of the year

  • Thakur gaming☠️
    Thakur gaming☠️19 days ago

    """ Let's Pray for those people who doesn't have food to eat on lock down and pray for Corona patient """💙💚💛💜🖤.....

  • Captain Deadeye
    Captain Deadeye19 days ago

    Critics and Audiences agree? No they don't. Every single person I've talked with has said this film is flawed at best and terrible at worst.

  • Roy 1980
    Roy 198019 days ago

    2nd worst movie of MCU

  • 9B 12 Anjoom Dariya A S

    9B 12 Anjoom Dariya A S

    19 days ago


  • Pneuma Productions
    Pneuma Productions19 days ago

    I feel like this was overhyped.

  • klloyd plata
    klloyd plata19 days ago

    I really think that Tom Holland is having crush on Scarlett Johansson because on how praises the movie. This is could much better than interesting when Scarlett Johansson and Tom Holland's MCU Peter Parker aka Spider-man has a new Superheroine mentor because this could end up teaming-up each other. 🕸️🕸️🕸️🕷️🕷️🕷️😍😍💯💯💯👏👏👌👌👍👍