Black Widow | Marvel Studios’ Legends

Experience her legacy from the beginning. Watch the new Black Widow episode of Marvel Studios’ “Legends” on Disney+ to prepare for the movie arriving this Friday! Tickets and pre-orders available now.

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  • Lancelot
    Lancelot14 days ago

    New Marvel vs Capcom game with X-men when?

  • Ghost Dynamo
    Ghost Dynamo19 days ago

    I’m illegally watching black widow rn

  • Anirudh Rox
    Anirudh Rox19 days ago

    Black Widow: You don't know everything about me. I've had a lot of promos..

  • Max Toon
    Max Toon20 days ago

    please release hindi dubbed

  • Bro&Bro TV
    Bro&Bro TV20 days ago

    If you’re reading this Jesus Christ loves you!

  • Ghost Dynamo

    Ghost Dynamo

    19 days ago

    @Bro&Bro TV it’s stupid cuz how tf can a man be a god that power of being a god is impossible to be you only believe in god because evolution,space,time and all that space stuff is too much for you your brain can’t handle science

  • Bro&Bro TV

    Bro&Bro TV

    19 days ago

    @Ghost Dynamo Why is believing in God ignorant? It takes more faith to believe there isn’t a complex creator behind everything then to believe there is.

  • Ghost Dynamo

    Ghost Dynamo

    19 days ago

    @Bro&Bro TV ok like cmon believing gods is stupid as hell by itself but you believe a guy that told a story of a god which is just stupid

  • Ghost Dynamo

    Ghost Dynamo

    19 days ago

    @Bro&Bro TV you really believe that

  • Bro&Bro TV

    Bro&Bro TV

    19 days ago

    @Ghost Dynamo Nah, Jesus is The Lord of Lords and Alpha and Omega

  • Anurag Mahato
    Anurag Mahato21 day ago

    We want Deadpool back

  • Ghost Dynamo

    Ghost Dynamo

    19 days ago


  • Kaveesha Dissanayake
    Kaveesha Dissanayake22 days ago

    What fans were really expecting was this

  • LL T
    LL T22 days ago

    I watched this film on Disney+ yesterday. It was great!

  • Ghost Dynamo

    Ghost Dynamo

    19 days ago

    You really payed 20€ for a premier are you dumb

  • Rydia Charlton
    Rydia Charlton22 days ago

    I watched it last night and honestly it was a nice way to say fare well to her character. Will miss her but am excited to see her sister carry out her legacy.

  • Rydia Charlton

    Rydia Charlton

    19 days ago

    @Ghost Dynamo Understandable

  • Ghost Dynamo

    Ghost Dynamo

    19 days ago

    @Rydia Charlton it was good enough wasn’t the best and also I didn’t really like that task master was the dudes daughter

  • Rydia Charlton

    Rydia Charlton

    19 days ago

    @Ghost Dynamo Hope you enjoy it

  • Ghost Dynamo

    Ghost Dynamo

    19 days ago

    I’m illegally watching it rn

    VICKY VENGURLEKAR22 days ago

    Mast yaar 🥰

  • Uh What 2
    Uh What 222 days ago

    Then she complains about playing the character that bought her mansions. 🙄

  • ZFare
    ZFare22 days ago

    Another banger from Marvel, love the movie

  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex23 days ago

    So, its The end for Natasha Romanoff completly now. (unless some flashbacks with her for any future MCU movie/series)

  • Debanga Bhushan Gogoi
    Debanga Bhushan Gogoi23 days ago

    Sorry MCU, we love you, but you've ruined Taskmaster here.

  • Ghost Dynamo

    Ghost Dynamo

    19 days ago


  • Varahi Chakravarthy

    Varahi Chakravarthy

    21 day ago


  • Debanga Bhushan Gogoi

    Debanga Bhushan Gogoi

    22 days ago

    @Varahi Chakravarthy compare the Taskmaster in MCU with comic/animation version. You'll understand.

  • Varahi Chakravarthy

    Varahi Chakravarthy

    22 days ago

    I don't understand what you are saying in the

  • Debanga Bhushan Gogoi

    Debanga Bhushan Gogoi

    22 days ago

    @Varahi Chakravarthy kya ?

  • Katia Vaillant
    Katia Vaillant23 days ago

    Me gustaría tener la saga completa de Black Widow si la hay.

  • Diana Marcela Morales Manrique
    Diana Marcela Morales Manrique23 days ago

    I love natasha yo quiero ser como tu

  • Basicallyabush
    Basicallyabush23 days ago

    Great Movie :)

  • Basicallyabush
    Basicallyabush23 days ago


    SHÄDÖW'S23 days ago

    Music name?

  • luckyDancer100
    luckyDancer10023 days ago

    Now that the character has been retired, I feel bad that there was never any resolution between Nat and Bruce. He was really the only guy she has legitimate feelings for in the movies.

  • deltavagen
    deltavagen23 days ago

    I hope this this flops

  • Feris Yunos
    Feris Yunos24 days ago

    Taskmaster is played by Olga Kurylenko. Surprise!

  • Ashraf Idrishii
    Ashraf Idrishii24 days ago

    Not available in India Black widow

  • Bharath Kumar
    Bharath Kumar24 days ago

    Comments these days on Marvel channels be like: X: Y: Yes

  • deepak varshney
    deepak varshney24 days ago

    Is thare any World Record of trailers and teasers of Black Widow ⚫?

  • Arif Khan
    Arif Khan24 days ago

    Whaat what Its series Not black widow movie Oommgg

  • Dhinakaran Tamilzarasu
    Dhinakaran Tamilzarasu24 days ago

    Tamila dapping podunga G nalla irukkum bro

  • Dhinakaran Tamilzarasu
    Dhinakaran Tamilzarasu24 days ago

    Tamila dapping vrumma sollungu

  • S K Deepak
    S K Deepak24 days ago

    Who else love her walking style

  • subhadeep Sanyal
    subhadeep Sanyal24 days ago

    U have to release it in India. We can't wait for another 1 month..

  • TroLl MasThi
    TroLl MasThi24 days ago

    Upgraded version of Agent peggy

    Z2H GAMERS24 days ago

    Pls dub in tamil

  • Hari Prasad
    Hari Prasad24 days ago

    you have not yet released it in Indian subcontinent even when it was supposed to And you say it is because the pandemic

  • Official clip
    Official clip24 days ago

    India me release karwa do yar

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar24 days ago

    But it is not there in disney+ so sad now where i should see the movie

  • sahil
    sahil24 days ago

    I'm bored now after watching so many trailers

  • hanif kurniawan
    hanif kurniawan24 days ago

    Jawa Bali belum bisa menikmati filmnya

  • 出奇玩!!!
    出奇玩!!!24 days ago


  • Krayton 86
    Krayton 8624 days ago

    Well I watched it tonight... and I was right... this movie has three or four sentences only REMEMBERING BACK TO about what happened in Budapest and one f_cking scene only... with out hawk eye being in it... but this movie only visits Budapest in it own timeline briefly, just to be relevant to the Budapest question, and then goes on in it's own story... you can realize this, at the first quarter of the movie... soooo if you wanted to know what happened in Budapest with hawkeye and with the b widow then you will be disapointed! This movie is completely about something else... and you'll never know why barton said, you and I remember differently what happened in Budapest! Disney, you lied again! :D Again and again! Captain marvel lie was enough... lieing about, that if someone skips the movie, then that person will not understand endgame movie... WHAT A LIE THAT WAS! :D And now... the one movie, that born out of the millions of fans curiosity, about a conversation, is about something completely else! :D Thank you! I should ask for a refund! But I know it is useless! So "I had, an idea... an idea that can change the worl"......only one persons decision to want to watch this movie, then this comment is worth it!

  • Git Gud
    Git Gud24 days ago

    >Movie plays long before Iron Man 1 > She looks 15 years older Hmmm

  • اسلام جوهر
    اسلام جوهر24 days ago

    اه و اه منك يا سكارلت

  • Johnny Guerrero Guerra
    Johnny Guerrero Guerra24 days ago

    1944-Capitán América 1986-Howard the Duck 1989-The Punisher 1990-Capitán América 1994-Los Cuatro Fantásticos 1996-Generación X 1998-Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1998-Blade 2000-X-Men 2002-Blade II 2002-Spider-Man 2003-Daredevil 2003-X-Men 2 2003-Hulk 2004-The Punisher 2004-Spider-Man 2 2004-Blade:Trinity 2005-Man-Thing: la naturaleza del miedo 2005-Elektra 2005-Los4Fantásticos 2006-X-Men:TheLastStand 2007-Ghost Rider 2007-Los4FantásticosySilverSurfer 2007-Spider-Man 3 2008-Iron Man 2008-The Incredible Hulk 2008-El Castigador: Zona de Guerra 2009-X-MenOrigins:Wolverine 2010-Iron Man 2 2011-Thor 2011-X-Men: Primera Generación 2011-Capitán América: El Primer Vengador 2011-Ghost Rider: Espíritu de Venganza 2012-The Avengers 2012-The Amazing Spider-Man 2013-Iron Man 3 2013-The Wolverine 2013-Thor: The Dark World 2014-CaptainAmerica:TheWinterSoldier 2014-TheAmazingSpider-Man2:Rise of Electro 2014-X-Men: Días del Futuro Pasado 2014-Guardianes de la Galaxia 2015-Avengers: Age of Ultron 2015-Ant-Man 2015-4 Fantásticos 2016-Deadpool 2016-Capitán América: Civil War 2016-X-Men: Apocalipsis 2016-Doctor Strange 2017-Logan 2017-Guardianes de la Galaxia Vol. 2 2017-Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017-Thor: Ragnarok 2018-Black Panther 2018-Avengers: Infinity War 2018-Deadpool 2 2018-Ant-Man and the Wasp 2018-Venom 2019-Capitana Marvel 2019-Avengers: Endgame 2019-X-Men: Dark Phoenix 2019-Spider-Man: Lejos de Casa 2020-Los nuevos mutantes

  • Anirudh Gulia
    Anirudh Gulia24 days ago


  • J'ChrisTopher17
    J'ChrisTopher1724 days ago


  • Morningstar Of Darkness
    Morningstar Of Darkness24 days ago

    Im really looking foreward to watch this movie but can you guys also release a promo trailer for lokis next episode?

    COBRA24 days ago

    This movie is epic 🤩🤩🤩

  • amanofreviews 2020
    amanofreviews 202024 days ago

    “I have a very specific skill set”😏

  • Steven James
    Steven James24 days ago

    I'd love to see Scarlett Johansson fight 200+ lb mean like she does in the movies. I want to see how realistic it is.

  • god of mischief
    god of mischief24 days ago


  • Steven LaCarrubba
    Steven LaCarrubba24 days ago

    Wait, the Black Widow is a she? ;)

  • Av
    Av24 days ago

    Marvel studios please do something about the taskmaster character and don’t kill the character off

  • Syafiq Aulia Ramadhan
    Syafiq Aulia Ramadhan24 days ago


  • surmeet singh
    surmeet singh24 days ago

    Black widow is the real og she doesn't have any power she has strength and abillity to fight

  • tysoon363636
    tysoon36363624 days ago

    Epic the epic! Best movie of 2021 so far!

  • Wis Dom
    Wis Dom24 days ago

    I've seen get so much that it seems like she already had her own movie. 🕷

  • Eddie May
    Eddie May25 days ago

    It really is shameful it took this long for Black Widow to get her own movie

    LEARN TODAY25 days ago

    Spider man trailer

  • Krishna rathod
    Krishna rathod25 days ago

    I think u will show the whole movie in USplan clip by clip

  • Out, am i?
    Out, am i?25 days ago

    This is last trailer... i think

  • Rohan Kanhai
    Rohan Kanhai25 days ago

    This is last trailor.. I think...

    ABHINAV KUMAR25 days ago

    Scarellet Johnson this is Akash paswan here ,if any misshapening happen with me and my family so my Bablu uncle will not left you

  • Out, am i?
    Out, am i?25 days ago

    The most badass character ♥️♥️♥️

  • MARVELITE2007 ......
    MARVELITE2007 ......25 days ago

    The most badass MCU character 🖤🖤

  •  Adi Nayyar
    Adi Nayyar25 days ago

    we wont be able to see black widow in India because disney + premiere access is not available in India and it is neither coming in cinemas cause they are closed. It is only coming on disney+ hotstar on october 8th 😤😭😢can disney plus pls do something about it

    HEMANTH NAYAK25 days ago

    Oh my god guniess record so many trailers

  • Anzha
    Anzha25 days ago

    0:20 The hulk was..

  • Flash1Done _1
    Flash1Done _125 days ago

    If you watch all the promos you can watch the full movie lmao

  • Bobby Yudis Hendana
    Bobby Yudis Hendana25 days ago

    She is the best Female hero

  • Rachel chan
    Rachel chan25 days ago

    About 25 promos and trailers since Wandavision in the Marvel USplan channel already. What can I say?

  • nileshbhai vekariya
    nileshbhai vekariya25 days ago


  • Dhruv
    Dhruv25 days ago

    "I've got red in my ledger, I'd like to wipe it out"

  • Bang Gocip
    Bang Gocip25 days ago

    Variant of Natasha will be back to MCU?

    BLACK NOVA25 days ago

    Fans :- please stop it Marvel :- "smile" I can do this all day, all night, 😉

  • Ohk Lol
    Ohk Lol25 days ago

    Cannot wait for tommorow

  • Pratyush Agarwal
    Pratyush Agarwal25 days ago

    But people India can't watch black widow 😭😭😭because theaters are not opening and Disney premier access is not available in India 😭😭😭😭.

    DÎLWÂR M25 days ago

    My favorite BGM ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

  • notanky Nayon
    notanky Nayon25 days ago

    We want hindi dubbed this movie

  • Vishnu R
    Vishnu R25 days ago

    Guys will it be released on indian hotstar account?

  • Andyka Sari
    Andyka Sari25 days ago

    In Disney+? Cinemax?

  • Raf animasi
    Raf animasi25 days ago

    Yeah finally

  • Mohtashim Aarif
    Mohtashim Aarif25 days ago

    Release whole movie in promos.

  • Game YouTube 3.0
    Game YouTube 3.025 days ago

    Black widow Is just nostalgia and memories!🤩 Only Real Marvel Fans Can understand it.

  • Eshitha DWK

    Eshitha DWK

    25 days ago

    Yes you are right , black widow is so amazing 🤩

  • Jhalak Sinha
    Jhalak Sinha25 days ago

    Okay, no one dare try to tell me that "did I step on your moment?" thing isn't iconic because y'all will get the Wanda head tilt...

  • Laura Márquez
    Laura Márquez25 days ago

    Comments are normally ignored, but I wish that God save each of our families from all this pandemic that has us stalking.

  • Tulsi das Shukla
    Tulsi das Shukla25 days ago

    Will it release on Disney

  • Aarya Kulkarni
    Aarya Kulkarni25 days ago

    Just release the effing movie on USplan!! This is the billionth promo… 😭

    SHANKAR DOLAMANI25 days ago

    One day to go

    JORGANSTARK25 days ago

    😢love you nat never forget you

    FIZA HASSAN25 days ago

    Marvel : releasing new promos Fans without Disney + : why you are doing to me like this 😭 Marvel : I can do this whatever ot takes

  • Laya Bhojak
    Laya Bhojak25 days ago

    I believe her legacy and story is going to be one of the bests.

    VINDAS MOVIES25 days ago


  • Raghavraj .K
    Raghavraj .K25 days ago

    Spiderman noway home: I want my trailerssss!!!!!¡ Black widow: we have a bulk

  • Professor NAIDU
    Professor NAIDU25 days ago

    We want in telugu.

  • X-File 1947
    X-File 194725 days ago

    This Thursday night!

  • ɢᴀʀᴇɴa ꜰꜰ
    ɢᴀʀᴇɴa ꜰꜰ25 days ago

    I am also Legend

  • MrGreasysqueeze
    MrGreasysqueeze25 days ago

    this movie is 10 years to late

  • Axial Hence
    Axial Hence25 days ago

    Just got to see this film today and goddamn it was great

  • 쭌질라
    쭌질라25 days ago

    NO way home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Awesome Kids Blog
    The Awesome Kids Blog25 days ago

    Can't wait

  • Thomas
    Thomas25 days ago

    Don't know how the channel will cope once the movies out. 🤣🤣