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  • Anes Khatir
    Anes Khatir4 days ago

    no you can find al the episode on my cima

  • 0 0
    0 07 days ago

    I've been reading Marvel since the early 1960's. This is the worst product I have ever seen. Overblown indoctrinative dialogue and glorified antagonists are taking over. What's next, "The Softer Side Of Charles Manson"? The only decent comic book "bad guy" in recent history is Baron Nemo - he's intellient, self driven, interesting, and makes no excuses.The Power Broker shows promise as well. This boring product is a prime example of the Chinese Party Marvel Universe, promoting identity ambivalence (multiple versions of LOKI) and the concept of "enforced mediocrity" (underperforming LOKIs), based on "systemic oppression" (the TVA).

  • wild boy sanny 2.0
    wild boy sanny 2.07 days ago

    Spider Man no way home trailer marvel suc**

  • realbin8vfx
    realbin8vfx8 days ago

    hi! ✨its bin8vfx - best marvel series and films loki , be inspired and thriller in life, (these types of film and series deserve like and love , cuz they makes inspire and makes positive impact in new generations ) special liked by- bin8vfx ✨

  • Karl Ghossein
    Karl Ghossein8 days ago

    Im counting every day .

  • Amelia Yosita
    Amelia Yosita9 days ago

    I just want classic Loki to reunite with his Thor 😭😭😭

  • Argha Basu
    Argha Basu9 days ago

    Already watched. How many times i have to see trailer like that? 😣😥😭 upload something new 😐

  • Ashraff Haquem
    Ashraff Haquem10 days ago

    I loved the series. Can’t wait to see what happens in the MCU, and can’t wait for season 2!

  • Ajay Krishna ✓
    Ajay Krishna ✓10 days ago

    Villain is always everyone’s hero💚❌

  • N A F I S  S h a i k h
    N A F I S S h a i k h10 days ago


  • YouTubist
    YouTubist10 days ago

    How the comments are from 6 days ago...😵Video is released 4 days ago...did they just time travelled two days...🙄 Edit:(comments are from two days before the video )

  • The RealAFK
    The RealAFK10 days ago

    Where is the spiderman trailer?

  • knatspray
    knatspray12 days ago

    9.9/10 Mobius never got his jet-ski

  • Harmonic Emotion
    Harmonic Emotion12 days ago

    Season 2 when are you coming

  • Indu bala
    Indu bala12 days ago

    Every thing for the glorious purpose.

  • Mohammad Shamsudeen
    Mohammad Shamsudeen12 days ago

    Fans want loki in Thor love and thunder so plz understand fans feelings

  • LEGO Pottermotion
    LEGO Pottermotion12 days ago

    “Who are you?” “I am Loki, of Asgard.” “I’m a god.” “Your a clown.” “Sorta both!” “a cosmic mistake.” “AHHHHHHH.”

  • Van Phuc Dang
    Van Phuc Dang12 days ago

    all episodes now streaming on phimmoiplus

  • Imherenow 991
    Imherenow 99112 days ago

    My favorite part of the show was in the first episode where we find out loki is d.b cooper

  • World Building Fanatic (MCU Theorist)
    World Building Fanatic (MCU Theorist)13 days ago

    What are your thoughts on the Loki series? Let's discuss.

  • TheMasterChief117
    TheMasterChief11713 days ago

    The finale was terrible I’m so disappointed

  • Chemical Juice

    Chemical Juice

    12 days ago


  • Spider-man
    Spider-man13 days ago

    Glorious purpose!

  • Sahaj Bajaj
    Sahaj Bajaj13 days ago

    -Loki is a god and hacker

  • chista17
    chista1713 days ago

    When Season 1 was finished, *fans: Another !🍺* After season 2: *fans again: Another 🍺* Let's cheers to loki🥂💚👍🏻😎🥂

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford13 days ago

    Amazing finale of loki.

  • UnhealthyMarvelobsession Threethousand
    UnhealthyMarvelobsession Threethousand13 days ago


  • Vasavi Durga
    Vasavi Durga13 days ago

    After endgame marvel took a complete 360 turn

  • Rare Variant
    Rare Variant13 days ago

    I’m revealing my age here, but I haven’t been into a show this much since 1987 when Beauty and the Beast the series aired. No pressure but I hope to see this Loki and Sylvie thing continue for the better.

  • Muhammad Aniq Safwan
    Muhammad Aniq Safwan13 days ago

    Hi Marvel...umm could I use your soundtracks for my video?😓

  • Patrik Poustka
    Patrik Poustka13 days ago

    Bude Cz dabing loki??

    MOVIE SCENES13 days ago

    Release the deleted scenes please. All Frog Thor scenes and all Loki's Assembled against Allioth scene please

  • 045 Keer Ankit Pramodsingh
    045 Keer Ankit Pramodsingh13 days ago

    Please upload no way home traiker your fans are begging 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Akash Kumar Gupta
    Akash Kumar Gupta13 days ago

    Are you kidding me e6 was finale I was waiting for ep 7 desperately 😠

  • Bizzy Brown
    Bizzy Brown13 days ago

    Yooo What if Kang as Mr Timely is the mysterious benefactor mentioned in Ant Man & the Wasp? Think about it …he was Rebbeca T(Renslayer alias) lover in the comics .. they showed us her variant in 2018 before or after the snap. Ant Man and the Wasp takes place before and during the snap ..that’s 2018. Why was he looking to buy quantum energy ? When was Queng enterprises a thing in the MCU?

    ROHAN UMRALIYA13 days ago

    Marvel should also introduce a variant of loki in season 2 who is an actor on earth named TOM HIDDLESTON

  • ssaajjkkoo
    ssaajjkkoo13 days ago

    I know Why noone dont know who is Loki at the end :D Because he was goes in Sylvie Universe.

  • mani harish 123
    mani harish 12314 days ago


  • mani harish 123
    mani harish 12314 days ago


  • PokeZone AMV
    PokeZone AMV14 days ago

    Spider man no way home trailer release date?

  • laufey
    laufey14 days ago

    I'm actually a fan 🌬

  • Sasadhar Pal
    Sasadhar Pal14 days ago

    if loky seison 2 reliss.. ??

  • laufey
    laufey14 days ago

    I want loki to be a complete badass in season 2

  • Lady Lowkey
    Lady Lowkey14 days ago

    Mobius riding a jet ski on Season 2 MARVEL HEAR ME OUT!!

  • Afham THE PLAYER
    Afham THE PLAYER14 days ago

    Now god, Is Good, As bad. (Season 02) ✅

  • Arnav Kamo
    Arnav Kamo14 days ago

    All episodes?? So you’re just gonna leave us with that??

  • laufey


    14 days ago

    Yes they did us dirty😭

  • Lolli Pop
    Lolli Pop14 days ago

    Harry Potter: You know Who Marvel : He who remains

  • Sheela Ranjan
    Sheela Ranjan14 days ago

    Prediction- I think that Doctor Strange into the Multiverse of madness won't be about doctor strange seeing the mess of loki and Wanda but will be about them teaming up to defeat mordo...

  • Sakthi 2005
    Sakthi 200514 days ago

    Wherever I go I see his face - Loki. -_-

  • Arthur Burton Morgan
    Arthur Burton Morgan14 days ago

    Season 2(late 2022) different director...less fun

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez14 days ago

    Hey marble can you please let Loki or movie say key

  • Universal_Wisdom
    Universal_Wisdom14 days ago

    Unpopular opinion: This is kinda garbage. That is all.

  • Chemical Juice

    Chemical Juice

    12 days ago

    @Universal_Wisdom Tour Eiffel? Champs Elysées ? Jardin du Luxembourg ? Trocadéro ?

  • Universal_Wisdom


    12 days ago

    @Chemical Juice Croissant?

  • Chemical Juice

    Chemical Juice

    12 days ago

    Tu pleures??

  • Marco
    Marco14 days ago

    the best series in the world but please i need season 2

  • Harish gaming yt
    Harish gaming yt14 days ago

    We want iron man

  • Circuit Board
    Circuit Board14 days ago

    i really enjoyed classic Loki!!!

  • Mae Tiffany BTS
    Mae Tiffany BTS14 days ago

    I want to see more Loki and Sylvie scenes together 💚

  • My Name
    My Name14 days ago

    The thumbnail looks like a ghetto budget Loki 🧐

  • Monica Ross
    Monica Ross14 days ago

    Wow ton of likes today

  • Kevin Maldonado
    Kevin Maldonado14 days ago

    If Marvel has the money to make Loki, Wanda Vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, then why the f*** did they cancel Daredevil. People forget it was the first MCU tv show, and had a darker more realistic tone. Daredevil needs to return, screw the Defenders.

  • Mr Unknown

    Mr Unknown

    14 days ago

    They are not canon so they are not investing in that

  • laufey


    14 days ago

    It was my favorite

  • Lancelot
    Lancelot14 days ago

    New Marvel vs Capcom game with X-men when?

  • Devin Henderson
    Devin Henderson14 days ago

    That thumbnail shouldn’t have been used!

  • M-do06
    M-do0614 days ago


    GANGSTAR MSV14 days ago

    Loki tamil episodes please dubbed the episodes

  • Thee Parris Hill
    Thee Parris Hill14 days ago


  • Chemical Juice

    Chemical Juice

    12 days ago

    Tu pleures???

  • Hiu Fung Enoch Enoch
    Hiu Fung Enoch Enoch14 days ago

    If you want to keep the hype train for the multiverse @marvel, it is time to drop the spider man no way home trailer P.S plsssssssss

  • pizzagamin YT
    pizzagamin YT14 days ago

    If the alligator Loki does not come back then I am literally gonna die

  • Chaotic X
    Chaotic X14 days ago

    Guys will there be a third loki season

  • Sergio Vale da Serra
    Sergio Vale da Serra14 days ago

    Ok just my opinion: classic Loki going all out was the highlight of the season

  • Anshuman Jadav
    Anshuman Jadav14 days ago

    You all brainless people loki series is having 9 episodes

  • laufey


    14 days ago

    @Anshuman Jadav haa par thor me ane se jyada chances dr strange 2 me ane ke hai...lets hope🤞 Loki ne Indian fans ki puri army bana li hai😂😂

  • Anshuman Jadav

    Anshuman Jadav

    14 days ago

    @laufey ha yaar muje laga 9 episodes he but abhi black widow bhi aayega and thor bhi aane vala he 2022 me usme bhi loki dikhega

  • laufey


    14 days ago

    @Anshuman Jadav yaar, itna wait kese karenge

  • Anshuman Jadav

    Anshuman Jadav

    14 days ago

    @laufey oh 😢

  • laufey


    14 days ago

    No its 6,,,,next season in late 2022

  • Md. Rakibul Islam
    Md. Rakibul Islam14 days ago

    Wow, mismatched clips but I totally love it..

  • Nawab Safi
    Nawab Safi14 days ago

    Wait for season 2

    VISHWAVASU RAO14 days ago

    In my opinion the best series with twist, suspense,comdey and action I really love the series can't wait for season 2 and who knows if it can be a super series

  • ReHrOoP RaSpOdY
    ReHrOoP RaSpOdY14 days ago

    Abe Api

  • Niveditha Jayakumar
    Niveditha Jayakumar14 days ago

    Marvel to loki: mamma mia, it's a game we play Bye bye doesn't mean forever😂

  • Ariel Godoy
    Ariel Godoy14 days ago

    Miss marvel's trailer please

  • Ariel Godoy
    Ariel Godoy14 days ago

    Miss marvel's trailer please

  • Ariel Godoy
    Ariel Godoy14 days ago

    Miss marvel's trailer please

  • Ariel Godoy
    Ariel Godoy14 days ago

    Miss marvel's trailer please

  • Ariel Godoy
    Ariel Godoy14 days ago

    Miss marvel's trailer please

  • Fabiano S Matos
    Fabiano S Matos14 days ago


  • Golu Rai
    Golu Rai14 days ago

    In India pepal crazy to See tom hideltson after loki he got a youge fan fallowing in indiaa

    SEROTONIN14 days ago

    It's amazing that people quote a 15 second video, not once stopping to think that tons of other comments are going to say _THE EXACT SAME THING_ 🤦🏿‍♂️ God, I wish people thought about things before they did them.

  • Nanda Galih Wiranata [WatonIso]
    Nanda Galih Wiranata [WatonIso]14 days ago

    Season 2 pls

  • Techmandya
    Techmandya14 days ago

    Wanda vision pls dub

    DEMON14 days ago

    I wanted alligator loki to bite off another part if you know what i mean🤣

  • Андрей Никитин
    Андрей Никитин14 days ago

    2 seson announced, Somebody: What are you going to do? Me: wait...

  • Bhojan Svarg
    Bhojan Svarg14 days ago

    Noted Sir...

  • Jake Jam
    Jake Jam14 days ago

    Best show EVEEEERRRR...

  • T-Series Music
    T-Series Music14 days ago

    Don't be shy Marvel release Spiderman no way home trailer 🌚

  • uncanny dcmarvelous

    uncanny dcmarvelous

    14 days ago

    Sony is the one allowed to do that.

  • Nigel Grant
    Nigel Grant14 days ago


  • Non, c'est toi qui t'ai fait rouler dans la farine
    Non, c'est toi qui t'ai fait rouler dans la farine14 days ago


  • Saad's Requiem for Sasuke
    Saad's Requiem for Sasuke14 days ago

    This was the best Marvel show so far. It was Soo satisfying to see Sylvie and Loki in love!!!

  • Yeti RC
    Yeti RC14 days ago

    might aswell wait until next year to watch it. you will be disappointed if you watch it now.

  • Shadan Nakhooda
    Shadan Nakhooda14 days ago

    I swear Jonathon majors is such a versatile actor, can’t wait to see him play different variants of Kang.

  • Anju Arora
    Anju Arora15 days ago

    No way home trailer ?

  • Vibba Music
    Vibba Music15 days ago

    For those who actually paid for Disney plus subscription I'm just saying you could've watched for free and ad-free on tinyzone so f in the chat for you

  • Spirit of the Wolf
    Spirit of the Wolf15 days ago

    Please have Kid Loki join the Young Avengers! Would be awesome!

  • Klaus_Dark Phoenix
    Klaus_Dark Phoenix15 days ago

    Sylvie will become another version of female Kang?

  • songs Zaki
    songs Zaki15 days ago

    Lokis are destined to begin some or the other chaos 😂 Loki : started infinity saga in Avengers Sylvie : Started multiverse in Loki season 1 finale

  • Daisy is Bread Talks
    Daisy is Bread Talks15 days ago


    SANDRA MARY MATHEW15 days ago

    Loki fans 👇