2 Truths and a Lie Featurette | Marvel Studios’ Black Widow

Scarlett Johannson, Florence Pugh, and David Habour channel their inner spy for a game of 2 Truths and a Lie! Experience Marvel Studios' “Black Widow.” Get tickets or order it now. Marvel.com/BlackWidow

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  • lili lalalalal
    lili lalalalal5 days ago


  • Paul V.
    Paul V.5 days ago

    I dont care about Eternals and new Thor anymore. I just want to see another movie about that family!

  • Kate Kate
    Kate Kate11 days ago

    Is Florence acted in 2 Shakespeare adaptions? King Lear and what else?

  • Sabina Herrera
    Sabina Herrera12 days ago

    Florence as the new Black Widow? Yes, please!

  • BredGotToasted
    BredGotToasted12 days ago

    (another) Proof that women knows when you're lying or not

  • José Alberto De Legarreta
    José Alberto De Legarreta13 days ago

    Such a great cast, such a waste of the cast in the movie.

  • dioncchus
    dioncchus14 days ago

    don't mind me. im just watching their promos over and over again to forget the trauma that the post credits of black widow caused me

  • simoart
    simoart14 days ago

    Shut up, i didnt know she was in home alone, is it legit or a joke?

  • Lancelot
    Lancelot14 days ago

    New Marvel vs Capcom game with X-men when?

  • Yamen AN
    Yamen AN14 days ago

    David harbour is the best

    HIGHTS15 days ago

    They have great chemistry

  • mtj
    mtj15 days ago

    Want to go see this so badly!!

  • Lyonel Louis-Charles
    Lyonel Louis-Charles16 days ago

    The movie was good but I personally didn’t like what Marvel did to Taskmaster. Marvel completely dropped the ball on that and missed a huge opportunity to set him up as a mercenary that could make appearances in future movies and Disney plus series as a hired gun working for future villains or crime bosses. He could appeared in Captain America 4 or future Spider-Man films, future Antman films. Marvel could have saved Taskmaster and just made Dreykov’s daughter Iron Maiden instead. Put her in the Iron Maiden armor since it would make sense she’d be hiding her disfigured face and the armor would help sustain her life. I’m a big Taskmaster fan and this was a huge miss and complete waste of an interesting character like Tony Masters aka Taskmaster.

  • Immortalfrom90
    Immortalfrom9018 days ago

    I love David!

  • Pinoy Bio
    Pinoy Bio18 days ago

    Scarlett Johansson was home alone 3? LOL

  • Muftazar Ilham Yudhistira
    Muftazar Ilham Yudhistira18 days ago

    I knew it, it so cool, right?

  • Thamindu kavinda
    Thamindu kavinda18 days ago

    Florence is the best.

  • Luke
    Luke19 days ago

    Florence Pugh absolutely killed it, Yelena is up there with Zemo as one of the funniest characters in the MCU now.

  • Kimberley


    14 days ago

    Oh definitely 😊💛

  • Ashley
    Ashley19 days ago


  • EnchanTris TV
    EnchanTris TV19 days ago

    Florence Pugh nailed her role in BW. She’s deadly, but she can pull off jokes at the same time and I LOVE HER FOR IT 🥰

  • mrsB E
    mrsB E19 days ago

    Scarjo 🔥

  • Karan Kumar
    Karan Kumar20 days ago

    अरे भाई कोन हैं ये लोग 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Vaishnav Mohan
    Vaishnav Mohan20 days ago

    Wait is no one going to talk about denzel kicking David harbour in the face?

  • Good Putin

    Good Putin

    11 days ago

    The Equalizer has no equal.

  • 1.Shaurya Sinha
    1.Shaurya Sinha20 days ago

    Love you nat😘 Will Miss you

  • Tejas Garg
    Tejas Garg20 days ago

    Still waiting for it to be released in India 😭

  • lo
    lo20 days ago

    eu to apaixonada no filme choro só de lembrar

  • ki wi
    ki wi20 days ago

    But i feel like Natasha’s fighting scenes were too short😢

  • The Review
    The Review20 days ago

    Marvel can you do something for Nepal ?🇳🇵🇳🇵 . You have some fanbase from Nepal too❣️

  • Anurag Mahato
    Anurag Mahato21 day ago

    We want Deadpool back

  • Milesh Bugwantha
    Milesh Bugwantha21 day ago

    🤣 Anyone else see the look between Florence and Scarlett at 1:02, when David is talking about being a Krav Maga instructor? They were both like:"nope, no way." 🤣

  • mike maceda
    mike maceda21 day ago

    Ooh la la, a ménage à trois

  • Sk dance
    Sk dance21 day ago

    One more truth, ironman is not in black widow

  • Abraham Begashaw
    Abraham Begashaw21 day ago

    Omg amazing movie

  • Patrick :o
    Patrick :o21 day ago

    David harbour lost some weight

  • PHG SKiptraze
    PHG SKiptraze21 day ago

    We need a Red Guardian Movie or Disney Plus Show

    THE EXPLORERS21 day ago

    Presence of Red Guardian doesn't matter in entire movie. Marvel presented Task Master as a Weapon Like Winter Soldier controlled by someone. Marvel Just wasted the potentials of the two character. Literally, Marvel kept Red Guardian in the movie just for cracking silly jokes.

  • Grace


    20 days ago

    Was thinking the same....😒

  • Cheenu Sharma
    Cheenu Sharma21 day ago

    Black Widow Vs Hawkeye..... Are You Ready This?

  • SYBAF Rithwik
    SYBAF Rithwik21 day ago

    This movie is amazing. Loved watching it. Can't wait to see Yelena as the new black widow !!!!

  • Saneesh Satheesh
    Saneesh Satheesh22 days ago

    Today..black widow day...

  • Sameer Kashyap
    Sameer Kashyap22 days ago

    The worst marketing Marvel has ever done for a movie

  • Braeden Sinner
    Braeden Sinner22 days ago

    is it just me or does it look like david harbor lost weight

  • Rose


    19 days ago

    He had to for Stranger Things most likely

  • Harsh Verma
    Harsh Verma22 days ago

    Why they removed the soundtracks of the movie?(on USplan)

  • Cuppie Cupsters
    Cuppie Cupsters22 days ago

    Who else wants to see Florence do the splits??

  • Edu Ardo
    Edu Ardo22 days ago

    Nice film

  • Vignesh B
    Vignesh B22 days ago

    i never knew scarllet acted in home alone 3 even though i saw it 3 times

  • sean ahmed
    sean ahmed22 days ago

    Bonus round: Which one of these three recently got a hair transplant??!!

  • Scarifying
    Scarifying22 days ago

    i have to wait for october 2 until this releases in india

  • Alvin Leong
    Alvin Leong22 days ago

    They really look like a fun family to grow up in...

  • Vishavpreet Singh
    Vishavpreet Singh22 days ago

    Loki.loki loki.loki.

  • Darshan Koumarya
    Darshan Koumarya22 days ago

    The saddest part of this movie is realising that we will not see scar Jo as black widow ever again, the movie was great though, a great filler between civil war and infinity war if you want to see where was she all this time and why was she so soulless character in mcu , why is she like that, you will get all your answers in this film, and also why she chooses to sacrifice herself in endgame, and you will also understand her character development in endgame by watching this movie, The only saddest part of this movie is realising we will not see scar Jo as black widow again, I wish this movie would have come before infinity war so that they would have decided that we don't want to kill this character in endgame and also plans to make a sequel of black widow in future with scar Jo in it , now she's dead, now if we ever get black widow movie again , scar Jo will not be in it which is kinda sad, But I also think yelena will also be a great black widow and I hope that she gets the respect that scar Jo never get in mcu, I mean it gets 10 years to make a solo black widow movie, I mean comeon ,you can do better than this marvel I have hopes for you

  • Josh Wallace
    Josh Wallace22 days ago

    I refuse to just ignore the fact that David Harbour has been kicked it the face by Denzel Washington. Like... what?!

  • crocodile biscuit
    crocodile biscuit22 days ago

    denzel really kicked david in the face lmao.

  • jimmyunderbite
    jimmyunderbite22 days ago

    USplan and disney working together to squash all negative comments. P.s. taskmaster will always be a man, get bent disney.

  • Faraz Ahmad
    Faraz Ahmad22 days ago

    What a poser 😂

  • Green Meadows
    Green Meadows22 days ago

    I heard the taskmaster was a..........

  • English with Mr. A
    English with Mr. A22 days ago

    Well, that was awful

  • Reclaimer 0101
    Reclaimer 010122 days ago

    So we’re just gonna gloss over Denzel kicking him in the face with no further elaboration..... ....okay.

  • Iron Jedi
    Iron Jedi22 days ago

    “There wasn’t a home alone 3” Yeah I wish that was true

  • Suraj Sukumaran

    Suraj Sukumaran

    22 days ago

    There is home alone 3

  • Joseph
    Joseph22 days ago

    I’m going to see it today so exited

  • [Rishabh Pawar]
    [Rishabh Pawar]22 days ago

    Please Black Widow bring back in the other marvel movies also please return this character

  • Suman Das
    Suman Das22 days ago

    ♥️♥️♥️awesome movie ♥️👍🏻

  • Fidaa Islam
    Fidaa Islam22 days ago

    more from Florence Pugh plz marvel 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Tripismyhobby
    Tripismyhobby22 days ago

    I curios did have Black Widow 2 movie ??? I think is yes but is showing Yelena turning on her sister place Black Widow

  • Sujatmiko Afandi
    Sujatmiko Afandi22 days ago


  • Sagnik Dutta
    Sagnik Dutta22 days ago

    Black widow never attempted to pull off Thor's hammer......what if she was worthy??🤔🤔

  • Mr. Legend
    Mr. Legend22 days ago

    I am here after watching black widow fully emotional and action pack mcu movie☺

  • Kacem
    Kacem22 days ago

    They lied to everyone, it wasn't worth a year delay, it wasn't even worth making. Google says JoMANsson is 36, but that's impossible because it's very obvious "she's" pushing 50. Terrible movie, terrible acting, with EGI propaganda everywhere.

  • Saurabh Kumar
    Saurabh Kumar22 days ago

    Sorry Scarlett Johansson but Marvel doing injustice with task master

  • James
    James22 days ago

    The casting of Ray Winstone was absolutely dreadful. I kept hearing his cockney accent.

  • James
    James22 days ago

    It's strange to hear their normal voices after watching the film yesterday.

  • Sukanya Guha
    Sukanya Guha23 days ago

    I can not see black widow in hoster prime when I open to see it says that it is not for INDIANS

  • Annon
    Annon23 days ago

    I loved Florence's accent in the movie, favourite movie bit was Lelena making fun of Black Widow for her pose / stance in the store.

  • Alf Joe
    Alf Joe23 days ago


  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex23 days ago

    This russian trio is a new Best trio ;)

  • Abdul Kader
    Abdul Kader23 days ago

    my expectations for Black Widow was high...that can be the worst film made by marvel...

  • peace walker
    peace walker23 days ago

    Bland widow

  • peace walker

    peace walker

    23 days ago


  • Milena Xavier
    Milena Xavier23 days ago

    Just to the people who have not yet watched the movie all I got to say is your wait is not a waste I love the movie I love florence and scarlet in the movie Don't miss it

  • the Engineer's Insight
    the Engineer's Insight23 days ago

    I have been waiting for any possibility that BW might be alive, but Im kinda sad I haven't found any single hint. I hope this isn't the last time we see BW in the future of MCU. The movie was so great. 👍

  • LYNX
    LYNX23 days ago

    Black Widow movie is basically like a wet fart; a fart that Marvel was holding for so long that now they had no choice but release which turned out to be wet and disgusting.

  • Narendra Mutyala
    Narendra Mutyala23 days ago

    Tell the Release date of black widow in India? Or atleast release on Disney+hotstar

  • Ashwath Senthil
    Ashwath Senthil23 days ago

    Who watched black widow movie in INDIA Through TELEGRAM

  • Mannat Singh
    Mannat Singh23 days ago

    Release it in india please

  • CeeBeePig
    CeeBeePig23 days ago

    I already watched the movie and it's fcking AMAZING!

  • IMORTAL Gaming
    IMORTAL Gaming23 days ago

    Iron man return and caption American return plz

  • adee ha
    adee ha23 days ago

    There were a lot of moments where it tried to be funny and i just found myself cringing.. usually marvel humour is great

  • nikhil kamble
    nikhil kamble23 days ago

    I like the way the post-credit scene ended with connecting to hawkeye series which is coming soon.

  • Boose
    Boose23 days ago

    I would love to see more of these, this cast is so good.

  • Panda Kim
    Panda Kim23 days ago

    너무너무 재미있음!^^

  • Adnan Shakeel
    Adnan Shakeel23 days ago

    1. Black widow died in endgame 2. Cap and tony reunite 3. Ironman is in BW. 😢 Which one is false, unfortunately.

  • Sahilraj Todeti
    Sahilraj Todeti23 days ago

    TBH,in my opinion..I really loved Yelena more than Natasha

  • Diasmc Coelho

    Diasmc Coelho

    18 days ago


  • Nick _7

    Nick _7

    23 days ago


  • Nishu Chau
    Nishu Chau23 days ago

    Sir please release the black widow in hindi because I am the youth fan of the Marvel

    DOCTOR MOTIVATION23 days ago


  • klloyd plata
    klloyd plata23 days ago

    I just noticed Scarlett Johansson in Home Alone 3 movie and she deserves to be beautiful and attractive back then when she was a little girl. 🥴🥴😍❤️❤️❤️💯🕸️🕷️🕷️🕸️♥️♥️👌👌👍👍👏👏

  • Linga Vj
    Linga Vj23 days ago

    Waiting tamil dubbed version

  • piyush sethi
    piyush sethi23 days ago

    Liers did not release Black widow in India.If theaters are closed then show it on hotstar

  • Rahul Nirmal
    Rahul Nirmal23 days ago

    No way home marvel emmm common😂

  • RADimation
    RADimation23 days ago


  • Ketan Maram
    Ketan Maram23 days ago

    How to see black widow movie at Disney +Hotstar

  • trap tracks
    trap tracks23 days ago


  • BlindBandit
    BlindBandit23 days ago

    Man I loved this movie. Although taskmaster could've been a bit more fleshed out. Also I think we should have gotten this movie a loooong time ago