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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.


  • GOLDY MACC Gmacc
    GOLDY MACC Gmacc15 hours ago

    They got the kungfu dub right he talks without moving his lips

  • Football Fight Club
    Football Fight Club15 hours ago

    This movie is actually Jung's super hero fantasy and dreams about it everytime 😂

  • Abhi Rathod
    Abhi Rathod15 hours ago

    Boycott china..

  • Mariss
    Mariss15 hours ago

    omg their both so short 😅

  • Sourav Mahmud Khan
    Sourav Mahmud Khan15 hours ago

    I bet this doesn't bother the TVA

  • Bobs Sunutri
    Bobs Sunutri15 hours ago

    Shang Tsung + Quan Chi = Shang Chi

  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong15 hours ago

    Sony should release the No Way Home trailer before the entire MCU fandom turns toxic, people are already spamming "we want the NWH trailer" on Sony and Marvel videos

  • black sand fan
    black sand fan15 hours ago

    Spider-Man > every DC Superhero

  • Mr Wilson
    Mr Wilson15 hours ago

    I’m on my way to find who’s in charge of releasing the nwh trailer

  • Un tipo que nadie conoce
    Un tipo que nadie conoce16 hours ago

    0:01/1:22 oh boy yeah, it's raimi spidey

  • Willy Wally Schermerhorn
    Willy Wally Schermerhorn16 hours ago

    This will be my first movie I will see in the movie theaters since the plague :)

  • wasim shaikh
    wasim shaikh16 hours ago

    Distraction from scarlet Johnson.

  • مشعل / ms
    مشعل / ms16 hours ago

    في عرب يسمعون هاذي الاغنية ولا بس انا؟ 😕

  • Varun R K
    Varun R K16 hours ago

    Hey, Marvel can u upload the Abomination fight, please.....

  • Discocunt
    Discocunt16 hours ago

    RACHEL WEISZ is supposed to play SCARLETT JOHANSONS MOM?? Wtf Hollywood really has a problem with the fact that women can be and look old, this is ridiculous

  • AetherHorizon
    AetherHorizon16 hours ago

    Everyone repeat after me: Where - were - those guys - when - Thanos - attacked, twice

  • Supreme Algorithm
    Supreme Algorithm16 hours ago

    Somebody got Shanghai’ed

  • Go with The Message - God’s message.
    Go with The Message - God’s message.16 hours ago

    Akwafina is in this film. Movie looks real good.

  • Señor
    Señor16 hours ago

    Ok nice now give us the trailer 😃

  • Iceuffer
    Iceuffer16 hours ago

    "I' ve seen bigger." Pretty revealing there are you Thor?

  • David Noel
    David Noel16 hours ago

    When I saw this first in my recommended when I just opened the app I thought it was No Way Home trailer 💀💀 keep dreaming

  • Randysign
    Randysign16 hours ago

    Admin no way home sandım amk nabıyon

  • JC's Films, Essays, and reviews
    JC's Films, Essays, and reviews16 hours ago

    Love how Rocket pointed out halfworld

  • Elie K
    Elie K16 hours ago

    Good to see some Asian Alphas get starring roles in American films.

  • Spider-Dash
    Spider-Dash16 hours ago

    Can anyone make a 10-hour version? I'm tired of pressing the replay button.

  • Sonja Vorster
    Sonja Vorster16 hours ago

    First episode thought what is this? And not impressed but my word I was wrong. We couldnt stop watching. Heart sore💔

  • Ash Burn
    Ash Burn16 hours ago

    You could not live with your live action,and where did that bring you? Back to animation.

  • Dzian Kolack
    Dzian Kolack16 hours ago

    Way better this way

  • luis jose miguel jimenez chapeton
    luis jose miguel jimenez chapeton16 hours ago

    Ok but where is no way home trailer😖😣

  • Luca
    Luca16 hours ago

    Don’t care….where is the no way home trailer tho?

  • Zachary Millington
    Zachary Millington16 hours ago

    When your realize the length of the trailer is how much screen time taskmaster got…

  • Crazy Lobster
    Crazy Lobster16 hours ago

    So on spider man day. no trailer. Lmfao. Nice.

  • Barak Jimmy
    Barak Jimmy16 hours ago

    the soundtrack at the beginning I thought it was from snoopy

  • [GD] Nightly
    [GD] Nightly16 hours ago

    This show is literally a cinematic masterpiece marvel could not of had made a better show or movie than this

  • So WhoIsMilton
    So WhoIsMilton16 hours ago

    What if Spider-Man was bitten by a Radioactive Cockroach ? . . .

  • Mark Montoya
    Mark Montoya17 hours ago

    The sole reason I got Disney +

  • Callen Weir
    Callen Weir17 hours ago

    Ultron was a good villain but none of you are ready for that conversation

  • Lowkok Roblox
    Lowkok Roblox17 hours ago

    I hope this is as good as the telltale series

  • David Uziel Vega Alvarez
    David Uziel Vega Alvarez17 hours ago

    And the Spider-Man 3 trailer?

  • Ruby Carrion
    Ruby Carrion17 hours ago

    Congratulations John and Franco!!! Proud friend and tita over here! Woohooo!!! Happy Spiderman Day!!!

  • KriegerLuka
    KriegerLuka17 hours ago

    i listened to "came for the low" (Which is supposed to be this song), but i've never heard this line. I'm confused

  • I need namjesus and hobi water
    I need namjesus and hobi water17 hours ago

    Ok here we go again ...I am obsessed with Marvel movies

  • Margo A
    Margo A17 hours ago

    Where’s Loki? You should have used him to promote this series given how popular Loki’s series was…

  • Soumyajyoti Sarkar
    Soumyajyoti Sarkar17 hours ago

    The Fans would now start a WAR Enough of waiting We Will Pirate the Film . Now wait n see

  • Wilson Rosa
    Wilson Rosa17 hours ago


  • Wilson Rosa
    Wilson Rosa17 hours ago

    Needs to be mcu canon

  • Sonic171000
    Sonic17100017 hours ago

    Good video. Happy Spider-Man day.

  • Demigod of Ilvermorny
    Demigod of Ilvermorny17 hours ago

    Wow nice. Today I was in Naples and I bought in Disney Shop 2 Spiders gadges (notebook and pendant). Congratulations for your collection! Very beautiful! And We're wating for trailer or teaser!

  • marvel us
    marvel us17 hours ago

    We post funny marvel shorts please check out

  • Thomas tommy
    Thomas tommy17 hours ago

    We just want the trailer

  • apmcd47
    apmcd4717 hours ago

    I've never heard of the eternals. Why should I care about this movie?

    DR. STRANGE17 hours ago

    Bad choice of Hero .

  • shafiqbuang90
    shafiqbuang9017 hours ago

    Why all the female characters are so flat-chested?

  • footsteps creations
    footsteps creations17 hours ago

    I am also a great spiderman fan

  • Andrea Rodriguez
    Andrea Rodriguez17 hours ago

    who is here after black widow and Loki?

  • Guilherme Nascimento
    Guilherme Nascimento17 hours ago

    "Isso é legal, é lindo, mas cadê ele?... cadê o trailer?"

  • P for plant
    P for plant17 hours ago

    What happened VFX doesn't match ur work history

  • Durgesh Sharma
    Durgesh Sharma17 hours ago

    still giving me chills...

  • Mudkip Fan
    Mudkip Fan17 hours ago

    Tony leung heck yea !

  • Alberto Rojas
    Alberto Rojas16 hours ago

    TL as "Wenwu" (Shang-Chi's father) the true Mandarin of the MARVEL Cinematic Universe/Earth-199999.

  • Jonah Bruyere
    Jonah Bruyere17 hours ago

    dunno why but seeing this trailer makes me want to fight LOL

  • Naylaa Sharaa
    Naylaa Sharaa17 hours ago


  • Aswin M S
    Aswin M S17 hours ago

    ഒരു പു മാത്രം ചോദിച്ചു ഒരു പുകാലം നീ തന്നു🤭 💖💖

  • clockworkdeity
    clockworkdeity17 hours ago

    2:15 Ek-ek-EK-ek!

  • Giovanna Machado
    Giovanna Machado18 hours ago

    Awkafina and Michelle Yeoh together in a marvel movie is everything i didn't know i need it

  • Alberto Rojas
    Alberto Rojas16 hours ago

    Awkwafina* as "Katy". Michelle Yeoh as "Jiang Nan". MY was also, "Aleta Ogord" (Ravager) in MARVEL Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

  • Bailey Howe
    Bailey Howe18 hours ago

    Punk spiderman

  • Maanya
    Maanya18 hours ago

    Marvel deadass went “your wish is my command” And I’m glad they did

  • Sebastian Lugun
    Sebastian Lugun18 hours ago

    They got us in the first half not gonna lie.

  • HighLiner15
    HighLiner1518 hours ago

    ⚠️⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ ⚠️ Its a good problem to have but......... Its impossible for me to decide which is my #1 Fav = THOR/RAGNAROK, A3/INFINITY ♾ WAR or LOKI!!!!! All were game changing instant classics that broke the previous molds. Please deposit more MARVEL into my brainframe so I can decide, THANK YOU! 🤣🤣😈😈🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️😁😁😎😎👍👍

  • Shaik Amaan
    Shaik Amaan18 hours ago

    Marvel plz release this movie in hindi

  • Чингачгук
    Чингачгук18 hours ago

    The last time we can hear the king voice....

  • Spider-man
    Spider-man18 hours ago

    So this is the no way home trailer that everyone was talking about

  • kyle malloy
    kyle malloy18 hours ago

    Score is sounding absolutely stellar as always my god

  • gelypap
    gelypap18 hours ago

    I beg you marvel give us the trailer for no way home.

  • Tom Dudley
    Tom Dudley18 hours ago

    As funny as Thor was in endgame I feel this trailer set up a much darker and deeper path for him that was wasted for a comedic version

  • Chirag Dwivedi
    Chirag Dwivedi18 hours ago

    Sony is not worthy of spider man

  • Daily Cinema
    Daily Cinema18 hours ago

    HUH? they made all the best spiderman movies

  • V J
    V J18 hours ago

    Stones over, now rings

  • H H
    H H18 hours ago

    Tong Leung is the best